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Are shared environments holding your team back?

Using a limited number of shared and persistent environments for testing new changes to your code base is a pervasive problem across the software producing industry.

As you scale up with more developers, testers, and automated tests the bottleneck is only amplified.

Solving your shared environment problem used to require building an in-house solution - but that’s no longer the case. Uffizzi is an open source, off-the-shelf on-demand environment solution that you can quickly adopt.

Join our webinar as we sit down with Uffizzi Co-founder Josh Thurman and Head of Devops and Quality at Butch Mayhew to discuss how on-demand environments are a game changer for testing efficiency.

This webinar will cover:

  • Overview and Benefits of On-demand Environments
  • How Uses Uffizzi and Playwright to improve productivity
  • Live Demo of’s Uffizzi Environments

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Josh Thurman
Josh is a Co-founder, Open Source Lead, and Head of Developer Relations at Uffizzi. He honed his expertise leading high-performance teams as a Navy SEAL before taking those lessons and applying them to software automation and testing.

Butch Mayhew
Butch is the Head of DevOps and Quality at fintech and has spent the last 16 years helping companies improve their DevOps, Site Reliability and Quality Testing.  He’s an active member of the testing community and routinely speaks at Agile Testing Days on quality, automation, playwright, and leadership. 

View on-demand this training that took place Aug 30th, 2022

August 30, 2022
At 1:00 pm

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