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Top Low Code No Code Automation Testing Tools

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What are the best low code / no code automation testing tools?

Before getting into this list, let's ensure we are on the same page.

What is the no-code love-code movement?

As technology continues to evolve, so too does the world of software development and testing. One trend rapidly gaining traction is the move towards low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms. These platforms allow developers to create applications with minimal hand-coding, speeding up the development process and enabling non-technical users to participate. However, as the adoption of low-code/no-code platforms increases, so does the complexity of testing these applications. This is where low-code/no-code test automation comes into play.

According to some reports, low code/ no code development (SAP, ORACLE, Salesforce) will reach 70% of all development by 2025. This growth will be driven by two primary factors: LCNC development platforms and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. These two elements are leading the change in how businesses are adopting technology.

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How do Low Code No Code Automation Testing Tool Come into Play

Since business users and admins are doing this type of development now, that naturally leads to the fact that the same business users and admin must do a lot of that testing. So you have to make sure that they're enabled to do that. And one way is to offer them an LCNC solution.

What is Low-Code/No-Code Test Automation?

Low-code/no-code test automation applies similar principles used in low-code/no-code development to software testing. It involves using platforms and tools that reduce the manual coding needed to write and execute test scripts. This form of automation is designed to streamline the testing process, making it more efficient and accessible, especially for business users and less technical individuals who may be involved in the application development process.

low-code automation testing solution refers to a tool or a set of tools used in software testing that requires minimal coding knowledge. Such solutions leverage visual interfaces with point-and-click and drag-and-drop functionalities, enabling technical and non-technical users to define and execute tests for software applications.

no-code automation testing solution is like a low-code solution but is even more user-friendly for those without programming knowledge. A no-code solution aims to eliminate the need for any coding whatsoever.

So here is my list.

I used the criteria for this list: 1) companies I've spoken with on my Test Guild Automation Podcast and 2) companies with real customer reviews on G2.

** NOTE: The pros and cons are not my opinions. They are summaries from G2 real custom reviews. Sometimes users are wrong, or the G2 review is older.

In the recent podcast with Tobias Müller on “Next Generation Functional Visual Test Automation,” I had the opportunity to delve into the workings of

This platform, as discussed, pioneers the application of AI in the realm of autonomous software testing, presenting a viable solution for some of the most common challenges faced in test automation. potentially speeds up your testing process threefold. Its primary allure comes from its reliability, emphasizing eliminating the unpredictable elements – or “flakiness” – often associated with automation testing.

Plus, it significantly lessens the maintenance effort, which could alleviate the stress involved in ensuring the continuous operation of your testing.

One significant aspect differentiating from its counterparts is removing the need for XPath, IDs, and other selectors. This implies reducing the technical complexities typically associated with the automation process, making it more approachable and efficient.

The platform is designed with a user-centric philosophy, enabling the automation of entire user journeys. This means you can perform tests across applications, browsers, devices, and platforms, irrespective of their specific technologies. If a user can interact with a system, can automate testing. includes a low-code and no-code designer in its platform, alongside a management cockpit providing visual and detailed reporting. The aim is to offer a comprehensive test lab accessible and informative for users of varying expertise levels.

Finally, one of the critical features of is its ability to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline smoothly while offering a team workflow. This seamless integration could be beneficial in achieving efficient, continuous testing and delivery in software development.

I will update once there are G2 reviews :)



ACCELQ is a robust, cloud-based continuous functional testing platform able to automate Web, API, Mobile, DB, Mainframes, Desktop, and Packaged Apps

With its innovative codeless architecture, ACCELQ revolutionizes testing by integrating automation throughout the entire testing lifecycle. It offers comprehensive web, desktop, API, mobile, and mainframe testing solutions. With the business-process-driven design, natural language test logic, and self-healing capabilities, ACCELQ accelerates in-sprint automation and ensures reliable test execution. Its native integration with CI/CD tools and support for various applications makes it a top-tier choice for high-velocity software teams.

It also integrates deeply with package-based applications like Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle.

What Customers Say About ACCELQ

What to automate robotPros

ACCELQ receives overall positive feedback from its users, who appreciate various aspects of the tool. The ease of use is frequently mentioned, with many customers highlighting the intuitive nature of the software. Users appreciate that no programming knowledge is necessary to use the automation features, making ACCELQ accessible to individuals without a background in automation.

Its comprehensive functionality is also a significant point of praise. Users see ACCELQ as a one-stop solution for diverse testing needs, including web, mobile app, and API automation. The platform's self-healing and AI-based element selection features have been met with positive reviews, contributing to its appeal.

Furthermore, ACCELQ's codeless automation capabilities are lauded. Customers acknowledge how it facilitates in-sprint automation and effectively reduces the time and effort required in software testing. The software's seamless integration with platforms like JIRA, BrowserStack, and SauceLabs and its compatibility with various automation applications add to its positive reception. Support from the ACCELQ team also frequently garners commendation for being outstanding.

What should not be automatedCons

However, some areas for improvement have been identified by users. 

Some have expressed a need for a debugger to analyze script failures, noting that the DOM mode could be more user-friendly for element capturing. ACCELQ could enhance the process of capturing elements, mainly when dealing with identical elements in different locations. 

One user requested improvements in Grid Filters to accommodate various filter items. Lastly, it was pointed out that while web Automation Tests run in a headless mode, there are occasions when users would prefer to run tests in a non-headless mode. 

** NOTE: Sometimes users are wrong or the G2 review is older. For debugging, I learned from the folks an ACCELQ that they have a robust Debugger and an intelligent Debug analyzer to suggest possible causes of error. Also, ACCELQ recently released their ACCELQ SKYBOLT Ai Recorder which has a powerful element capture mechanism. It does not need to be aware of any CSS/XPath selectors, nor do any element capture approvals.

I always say try a tool for yourself to see how it works for you and your team. Thankfully ACCELQ has a free trial that I recommend you check out.



Cloud-Born, Codeless Test Automation Solution Leveraging AI & Open-Source Tech for Web, Mobile, API & Database Testing. Our unified, user-friendly platform integrates seamlessly with DevOps pipelines, supports multi-browser parallel testing, and offers advanced features like self-healing, element identification, and easy maintenance. Catering to non-technical testers and business users, Subject7 scales to meet the evolving needs of your enterprise, promoting business growth and agility.

Built for collaboration and efficiency, Subject7's REST APIs and native plugins enable quick feedback loops between QA and Dev. At the same time, their responsive customer partnership ensures a tailored testing solution for every client.

What Customers Say About Subject7

What to automate robot


Customers of Subject7 praise the software for its codeless scripting, integration with test management tools like JIRA, and user-friendly interface. They appreciate the product's strong tech support and value its efficiency as a testing automation tool.

Customers note its capacity to cater to non-technical users, who can perform UI, API, Database, and performance testing with minimal training. They express that Subject7 provides a comprehensive testing automation solution and commends its responsive team.

Positive reviews mention the tool's ability to handle various testing techniques without needing additional tools, such as Functional, Regression, API, Database, Accessibility, and Performance testing. They also appreciate the cost-effectiveness of Subject7, noting its value compared to other automation tools.

What should not be automated


Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, some customers have desired the tool to support desktop and Oracle EBS scripting and testing, improved calendar solutions, and more robust automation for desktop applications.

Finally, customers value the simplicity and flexibility of Subject7's test scripting, the focus on security, and the excellent support team behind the product. They also appreciate the platform's learning curve, which becomes an integral part of the testing team.


opkey logo


Revolutionize Test Automation with No-Code, AI-Supported Platform for Web, Mobile, Desktop & Mainframe. Easy to use and empowering both business and technical users, Opkey provides seamless end-to-end automation, supporting 15+ packaged apps and 150 technologies. Discover and cover testing gaps using our extensive pre-built test library, and create new tests 95% faster with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Maintain robust automation testing scripts with self-healing AI, auto-generate reports, and collaborate efficiently, all within our platform. With Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and more support, Opkey is your one-stop solution for efficient, comprehensive test automation.

What Customers Say About Opkey

What to automate robotPros

Opkey has earned high acclaim from its customer base, who highlight several features of the platform that stand out as particularly beneficial. Customers have found the Impact Analysis feature exceptionally advantageous, accelerating testing timelines during patch updates on client projects. The self-healing scripts, which prove helpful during Salesforce form updates and integration processes, have garnered praise.

The pre-built tests and no-code test builder of Opkey stand out as an influential factors in speeding up the test creation timelines. Furthermore, the platform's user-friendly interface, characterized by drag-and-drop functionality that requires no coding knowledge, is popular among users.

Clients also value Opkey's smart recorder feature, which provides a solid foundation for their Salesforce applications. The object repository feature is another aspect that customers appreciate, as it effectively saves objects and their properties to a dashboard.

Another noteworthy attribute is Opkey's test discovery technology, which impresses users with its speed and significantly reduces manual testing procedures. The data mining feature also earns recognition for its crucial role in discovering issues with existing test cases, especially for SAP applications.

What should not be automatedCons 

However, alongside these accolades, customers have identified areas for improvement. These include needing more extensive documentation on certain topics and creating a community page for user discussions. Customers have also noted that the tool's sheer number of features and sections could overwhelm new users.



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testsigma | TestGuild


Testsigma is an open source Unifying Codeless Test Automation for the Agile and DevOps Era. Seamlessly automate end-to-end testing scenarios for web, mobile, and APIs using simple self-healing English scripts. 

Testsigma is a user-friendly platform that allows all team members, regardless of technical proficiency, to develop and maintain test cases 5X faster than traditional methods. Leverage our AI capabilities to auto-heal failing test cases and suggest potential fixes. Customize testing attributes, integrate with CI/CD tools, and effortlessly automate tests for UI elements, APIs, databases, and more. 

Testsigma's robust test management tools, visual testing capabilities, and seamless integrations offer a complete test automation ecosystem, making it 5X faster and saving 70% of costs compared to other tools (according to them).

What Customers Say About Testsigma

What to automate robotPros

The customer reviews of Testsigma exhibit a mix of both positive feedback and areas of improvement. Customers appreciate the platform's ease of use and the quick learning curve, particularly praising the codeless scripting, natural language processing (NLP), and support features for manual testers. The diversity of actions available for automation is another positive aspect, with users valuing the ability to import and add code when necessary.

Testsigma's cloud services have received a commendation for their resource-saving nature and time efficiency, contributing to the platform's user-friendliness. It's lauded as an effective tool for automating multiple platforms without requiring extensive programming expertise. The platform's quick support and continuous improvements also contribute to its positive reception.

The all-encompassing tool aspect of Testsigma is appreciated for facilitating the testing of both web and mobile applications within a single platform. Users also enjoy the platform's open-source approach, cross-platform compatibility, and integration capabilities. Testsigma's recording and playback feature, particularly the auto-record elements, has received positive feedback, as it can automate repetitive UI interactions and the simplicity of creating test cases.

What should not be automatedCons

However, alongside this positive feedback, customers have highlighted several areas for potential improvement. Some have reported performance issues and problems with ticket tracking. Occasional errors that pop up unexpectedly have also been mentioned, though these are typically resolved with support intervention.

Users have expressed a need for performance enhancement, especially after introducing more NLPs. A degree of difficulty in performing simple steps and automating complex test cases was reported by some users. Other customers mentioned that the execution speed is relatively slow and could be improved.

Certain users have reported challenges with particular features and finding the right functions in dropdown lists. The granularity of test case management has also been a point of contention, along with a need for some desired features in the open-source version. Users have reported issues identifying the correct HTML element when it's nested within iframes and complained about the platform occasionally lagging or freezing.

A common suggestion is to improve the application's performance, mainly when dealing with more NLPs and steps. Finally, some users have mentioned the inability to use more than one test data profile throughout the test case and to copy test steps from one case to another as a limitation.

avo automation


A No-Code, AI-Driven Test Automation Solution – Avo Assure redefines test automation by offering a comprehensive, no-code solution powered by AI, dramatically cutting down the time, effort, and resources involved in manual testing. With seamless integration, cross-platform compatibility, and intuitive UI, Avo Assure lets you test across web, mobile, mainframes, ERPs, Salesforce, and more. Its unique features include end-to-end testing, in-sprint automation, test maintenance efficiency, and CI/CD integration. Also, it's certified for SAP S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver, Oracle Cloud, and Salesforce. With Avo Assure, you'll increase test coverage and productivity, speed up application releases, and reduce production defects and infrastructure requirements. It's a smart, scalable, cost-effective solution for top-quality application delivery.

What Customers Say About Avo

What to automate robotPros

AVO Assure is well-liked by its users, who praise its user-friendly nature, scriptless automation, faster execution times, cross-browser execution, and web, desktop, mobile, and mainframe testing support. Its Genius Scraping feature for simplified object extraction has also been positively received. Moreover, many users appreciate the tool's reusability of scripts, easy maintenance, parallel execution, and scheduling capabilities. The AVO Genius add-on and the ability to execute multiple scenarios independently through intelligent scheduling are other valued aspects of the tool.

What should not be automatedCons

However, there are also suggestions for improvement. A common critique is that AVO Genius currently supports only web-based applications, and some users have expressed a desire for additional keywords and better connectivity. According to some, the reporting functionality could also be improved, who mention issues such as the inability to download reports directly in PDF form and problems with the server getting disconnected. Other users say that the tool has a limited number of keywords and would like to see this expanded.

Despite these minor issues, the consensus among users is that AVO Assure is a high-performing, efficient, and accessible tool for automated testing. They note it's beneficial for those without coding knowledge, and commend its time efficiency, reduced human effort, and accuracy.



mabl: Leading Intelligent, Low-Code Test Automation Solution – mabl revolutionizes test automation by providing an intelligent, low-code solution that seamlessly integrates automated end-to-end tests into the entire development lifecycle. With features like cross-browser testing, auto-healing, in-depth results, API, and accessibility testing, it enables high-speed software teams to create, execute, and maintain reliable tests for browser, API, and mobile web applications. Mabel's unified platform also offers data-driven testing and performance testing, with tools for scalable testing from the cloud. Simplify your automated testing process, speed development, and enhance application quality with mabl.

What Customers Say About mabl

What to automate robotPros

From the multiple G2 reviews, it's evident that Mabl's customers generally find the software to be a valuable tool for their testing needs. Here is a summarized breakdown of what they appreciate and areas they believe could be improved:

 The user-friendly and intuitive interface of Mabl consistently receives praise, with users citing the record and playback feature as especially simple and effective. The low-code nature of the platform is another highly valued aspect, as it empowers a broad spectrum of team members to automate tests with minimal coding skills.

Efficiency and speed are further strengths associated with Mabl. Users appreciate the ability to create tests quickly, which is crucial for teams with extensive testing requirements and tight timelines. The platform's reliability is also commended, with customers highlighting the tests' robustness and the auto-healing feature's utility.

Mabl's support team earns high marks for responsiveness and helpfulness when troubleshooting issues. The platform's integration capabilities, such as with Microsoft Teams and Azure DevOps, and its API support are also appreciated by users. Many enjoy the convenience and low maintenance of Mabl as a cloud-based tool.

What should not be automatedCons

On the other hand, users have also identified areas for improvement. There's a noted need for enhanced mobile test automation support and integration with other popular test management tools, like Testrail. Some customers expressed the desire for a broader range of reporting options and improvements in the existing ones.

A few users have pointed out inconsistencies in testing outcomes as a source of frustration. More specific examples in the Mabl documentation were requested to guide users in their testing efforts better.

The pricing model was flagged as potentially prohibitive for scalability in larger companies. False positives were also mentioned as issues, particularly with features like auto-healing and visual testing alerts.

Nevertheless, the overall sentiment towards Mabl is positive. Its users greatly value the user-friendly interface, ease of use, and robust capabilities. Despite a few identified areas for enhancement, they view Mabl as a powerful tool that has helped streamline their testing processes.


Katalon is an AI-powered software quality platform designed to help teams test web, mobile, and desktop apps and APIs. Its goal is to enable the delivery of high-quality digital products and experiences. Also, their AI-augmented testing platform facilitates quick test creation with low-code ease, full-code flexibility, and real-world scenario recording. It organizes test artifacts coherently and integrates seamlessly with other tools for mapping automated to manual tests.

With instant web and mobile test environments, it enables parallel execution across diverse platforms and provides real-time visibility for effective decision-making. At its core, Katalon leverages AI to deliver self-healing tests, smart-wait execution, and autonomous testing.

What Customers Say About Katalon

What to automate robotPros

Katalon Platform provides comprehensive test creation, delivering a user-friendly experience through easy and efficient test development mechanisms such as low-code rapid automation and record-and-playback features. This versatility extends to the variety of test types it accommodates, empowering users to create a range of tests for web, mobile, API, and desktop applications.

Regarding integration, Katalon excels with its seamless connectivity with other platforms and tools, including Jira, ALM, and various DevOps tools. This functionality is complemented by the robust community support provided by the Katalon Community, which offers substantial assistance to users and facilitates problem-solving through peer-to-peer interaction.

Unique to Katalon is its self-healing feature, an AI-driven component that fortifies the resilience of test cases. This aspect is a component of Katalon's comprehensive approach to test organization and reporting. The platform ensures the structured organization of test artifacts, and its TestOps feature yields detailed reports while offering real-time visibility of testing processes.

Moreover, Katalon simplifies the user experience with its range of in-built functions, ready for customization and reducing the need for complex coding. Additionally, it features an inbuilt recorder that captures all locators of elements during website navigation, further simplifying the task of writing test scripts.

What should not be automatedCons

Katalon Platform, while robust, does have a few limitations, as reported by users. First, its language support is primarily confined to Java and Groovy, leaving users desiring expanded language compatibility, such as Python. Performance issues have also been a cause for concern, with users reporting slow execution times and occasional tool crashes, impacting overall efficiency. Furthermore, Katalon's TestOps reporting feature presents some restrictions, as it seems to work solely with Test Suite Run and lacks integration capabilities with the BDD framework.

Navigational challenges within the interface have also been reported, with users finding it difficult to switch between different platforms and access types. High load handling also appears to be a weak point for Katalon, with the platform reportedly struggling under significant loads. Lastly, while Katalon does offer a free version of its tool, it is not open-source, and several advanced features are reserved for the paid version. This, coupled with the perception that the pricing is somewhat high, has elicited mixed feelings among users.

What about an open-source, low-code solution?

Robot Framework

Robot Framework, created by Pekka Klärck, is a versatile open-source automation framework widely used for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA). Supported by the Robot Framework Foundation and utilized by numerous industry-leading companies, it offers a flexible and powerful solution for automation needs. Its open and extensible nature allows for integration with virtually any tool.

The framework is free to use and features an easy-to-understand syntax with human-readable keywords. Its capabilities can be expanded with libraries implemented in Python, Java, and other programming languages. With a rich ecosystem of libraries and tools developed as separate projects, Robot Framework is a robust choice for quality assurance and automation.

What Customers Say About Robot Framework

What to automate robotPros

The Robot Framework's simplicity is one of its most lauded attributes, earning appreciation from a broad spectrum of users. The framework enables automation straightforwardly and understandably, making it an excellent entry point for beginners and an efficient tool for seasoned users. Its simplicity extends to a keyword-driven testing approach requiring minimal scripting knowledge, allowing even non-technical team members to comprehend the tests.
Another strength of the Robot Framework lies in its versatility. The capability to import and integrate multiple libraries and modules makes it adaptable to various testing scenarios, extending its utility across different services. This adaptability extends to its support for Python, a universally accessible and powerful programming language. Python widens the user base, permitting developers to leverage their existing skills in writing and managing tests.
A critical factor contributing to the success of an open-source tool like the Robot Framework is the strength of its community. The collective wisdom and contribution of this community have shaped the Robot Framework. Users often find answers to their queries, solutions to problems, and task inspiration from this dynamic and responsive community.

Despite its numerous advantages, the Robot Framework does present some challenges. One such challenge lies in its initial setup. The complexity of managing plugins, libraries, and versioning can prove daunting, particularly for those new to the framework. This can lead to a steeper learning curve than desired.

The Robot Framework's simplicity can sometimes be a double-edged sword. It leans heavily on its keyword-driven testing approach, which can limit the depth of coding experience and understanding users gain while decreasing the coding demand. This could prove a deterrent for those wishing to deepen their programming knowledge.

While the user experience is generally seen as a strength due to the simplicity and functionality of the framework, some users believe there's room for enhancement in this area.

Quick Pros and Cons Low-Code No-Code Automation Test Tool Table


Tool Pros Cons
AccelQ Easy to use, Comprehensive functionality, Codeless automation, Seamless integration, and Outstanding support. Full-featured test platform It needs improvements in debugging and element capturing, Enhancements in Grid Filters, and Execution mode is always headless.
Subject7 Intuitive UI, Easy to learn, Reliable and robust performance, Quick customer support, Integration capabilities Occasional inconsistencies, More detailed documentation needed, and UI could be more streamlined.
Opkey Impressive Impact Analysis, Self-healing Scripts, User-friendly Interface, Smart Recorder, Test Discovery Technology It needs more documentation, which is Potentially overwhelming for new users.
Testsigma Easy to use and learn, Diverse actions for automation, Effective cloud services, Quick support, Cross-platform compatibility Issues with performance, Occasional errors, Difficulty in automating complex test cases, and Execution can be slow.
Avo Easy to use, Track data plan changes, Good support, Integrates well with data analytics tools More support for third-party integrations, More templates for common event types
Mabl User-friendly, Low-code Feature, Efficient, Reliable, Good support, Seamless Integration It needs better mobile testing, More reporting options, Inconsistencies, More specific documentation, Pricing model.
Katalon Easy test creation, versatile test types, robust community support Language support, primarily Java and Groovy, performance issues, navigational challenges, high load handling issues, and high pricing.
Robot Framework Simple to use, versatile, and strong community support. Mature well-established framework A complex initial setup leans heavily on a keyword-driven approach, with room for user experience enhancement.

Low-Code vs. No-Code: Which is Better for Automation:

Which tool is better? Should you consider Low Code or No Code test automation solutions? Find out in this free video training featuring automation expert Larry Goddard and myself:

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