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ALM/QC Local installation has failed Error.

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patch update

ALM Login Issue

In the past few weeks I've gotten several emails asking about a fix for the error “Local installation has failed. Contact your system administrator.For details, see the Loader log file.” when trying to login to ALM.

Rather than answer each email individually, I thought it would be better to frame my reply in the form of a quick post. The good news is that this is actually a known issue.

This error is usually causing by upgrading ALM/QC to a newer patch and this creates havoc on the ALM client components by throwing them out of synch. Re-installing the client components usually resolved the error. To help we will be using the Quality Center/ALM un-install utility that HP created.

ALM Uninstaller

The ALMUninstaller will automatically find all QC/ALM installation that currently exist on the machine and allows you to choose which version to remove. This also includes a handy option to perform a “Full cleanup”

How to resolve the ALM “Local installation has failed” error

The following steps should help:

  • First make sure all your browsers instances are closed
  • Download and run the Quality Center/ALM un-install utility that HP created.
  • Navigate to the machines C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive directory
  • Delete any TD2000_80 or Quality Center folders that you find

  • Go to Start>Run and Type in %Temp%
  • Delete the TD_80 folder

  • Navigate to the C:\WINDOWS\Download Program File directory and delete any Loader Class v# that you find.
  • Go to your machines add/remove or uninstall a program section and remove “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0”
  • Reboot your machine
  • Open your browser and navigate to your QC/ALM instance. Make sure if this is a windows 7 machine to use the “Run as administrator” option on the browser
  • When ALM will start to install its ActiveX control along with the .Net Framework 2.0.

Hopefully after following all these steps your ALM login issues is resolved!


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