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Hp released a new tool named Unified Functional Testing which is a new tool that integrates two of HP's Testing product in a common and IDE to provide a power-full testing framework for GUI and API testing:

•HP Service Test
•HP QuickTest Professional
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UFT Confusion

Does HP sometimes leave you scratching your head in confusion? It’s definitely what happened to me when they announced their new HP Unified Testing Software product. I already have QTP 11 and Service 11.10, so I was left to wonder — was this a new and separate product??

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

As of now – as far as I can tell — it is not a separate, standalone product. If you log on to HP’s site and select Functional Test, what you are really doing is downloading QTP 11.

UFT download

If you also want Service Test, it’s a separate download. My guess is that eventually HP will have an actual product named Functional Test that will possess the same functionality of QTP & Service Test in one standalone app.

So, my suggestion is, at least for now, is that when you hear “HP Unified Functional Testing software,” think “HP UFT” — a machine that has a standalone install of QTP Pro 11 with all add-ins, and a separate standalone install of Service Test 11.10 and you are using a Unified Functional Testing license.


Basically “Unified Functional Testing” (UFT) is a license type that allows you to integrate QuickTest Pro with Service Test.

“Unified Functional Testing” Version 1.0 license key supports Version 11.00 (and later versions) of QuickTest Professional (including its Add-ins) and Service Test. That means that if you want to be able to call QTP from ST (or vice versa) you’ll need a special license called UFT.

If you only have an “FT-Unified” license for QTP and ST, you will not be able to use the built-in integration ability of either product. So if you have a FT-Unified license and you select the ‘insert\Call to Service Test Test’ menu option you will get the following message: “To insert a call to a Service Test test, QuickTest, you must be using a Unified Functional Testing license.”


Since this new license was most likely not included in the original HP licensing agreement, companies that currently hold an “enterprise License” will probably will be out of luck when it comes to using UFT.

So how do I know what license type I have?

A Unified FunctionalTesting license will look something like this:
RWEHKWHEKHWKEHKWJOEJOEFSJKSFJOE# “Unified FunctionalTesting” version “1.0”

a Functional Testing license will look like this:

Notice why this is confusing — both have the word “Unified” in them – WTF!

Please – let me know if I'm not understanding UFT correctly.

26 responses to “Discover What is UFT HP’s Unified Functional Testing”

  1. That is why I was not finding anything on HP site about QTP :(

    They should really test the web site for usability !
    Thank you for the info.

    • alin » Hi Alin – I feel your pain. Whats even worst is that it looks like HP plans on releasing a scaled down version called ‘HP QTP Essentials’. So that should really make things more confusing – Uggg!

  2. I installed the QTP Essentials and just installed my license key. After which I recieved the message, “QuickTest Professional is currently using a Unified Functional Testing Demo License that will expire in 14 days. After this license expires, QuickTest will use your existing seat license, which does not support Unified Functional Testing. To continue using HP’s QTP-Service Test integration functionality, you must install a valid Unified Functional Testing license.”

    What functionality will I be losing if I don’t have this additional license?

    • Kari » You will lose the ability to use and Service Test and Call Service Tests from QTP. If you don’t use HP Service Test that should be the only functionality that is lost. Please let me know if this is not the case. Cheers~Joe

    • Kari,

      Did you in first place install Demo version of UFT (with all add-ins); if that’s the case then the error seems to be right as you have bought the scaled down version of UFT which is called QTP Essential which doesn’t support the all add-ins.
      ~ Kartik

  3. Man I just love the word WTF which HP highly deserves! I guess those people who have years of experience working with HP software programs will agree with me. Clumsy, unnecessarily confusing and complicated, user UNfriendly. QC / QTP are a little bit different, maybe just because they were made by Mercury Interactive, not HP itself!

  4. Thank u for sharing this article…I got overview about Service test test option in qtp..thanks a lot..

  5. *Functional Testing = QTP
    *Unified Functional Testing = QTP + ST
    *UnifiedFunctionalTesting 1.0 = License feature
    *UFT 11.50 = one single tool with QTP+ST
    *QTP Essentials = Same QTP 11, but limited addins and QC integration (QTPEssentials license feature)

  6. Hi Joe, I am hoping you are fine. We have UFT 11.5 and QC 10. Looks like there is no add in available to work with UFT 11.5. Do you have any info on this ? I can’t run UFT 11.5 test cases from QC 10 ? When clicked on QC –> add ins page –> HP Quicktest professiona , I see only information about QTP 11.


  7. @Joe, I had integrated QC10 and UFT . But, I am not able to execute the BPT from QC. Whenever I started executing from QC, it is failing. any help?All the resources are also loaded into UFT.

  8. Hi everyone, has anyone training material for ALM and UFT? I want to take the certification exam for both tools and I have not found out any material yet.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. After the upgrade is done from QTP 10 & QC 10 –> to –> QTP 11.52 and QC 11.52, scripts are running very fast. It is not even giving time to load a page and getting failed. I have tried to increase the time (5 sec) between each steps from Tools -> Options. When I am executing the component from UFT then each step is waiting 5 seconds and all steps are getting executed. But when I am trying to execute the BPT from ALM then same script is not taking the waiting time.
    Any ideas how to fix this issue ?

  10. I have read in HP-QTP11.0 version user guide
    QuickTest inserts a step that calls the Service Test test, for example:
    var_CallServiceTest = CallServiceTest (“”,”MySTParams-1.xml”)
    but in QTP you can directly access the XML in setting options
    correct me if I am wrong.
    Tushar :)

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