How to Get the QTP Print Log Functionality in UFT?

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Not sure how many QuickTest Professional testers actually use the QTP print method, but I use it all the time. I find it especially helpful when running long QTP data population test to setup test environments overnight.

It gives me an easy way to look at a machine that is running a data population script, see the Quickest Print Log Dialog results and know how much longer it has to go to finish.

In UFT the behavior for the print method is a little different and might confused first time users of UFT. To help avoid any concerns, this functionality is still available in Unified Functional Testing GUI Tests; you just have to know where to look.

UFT Output Pane

The same print log info can be found in UFT under the UFT>View>Output window (CTRL+ALT+U) selecting the Print Log from the dropdown:

Some of you might be saying “that is great but I really liked having this window available as a separate dialog type window“. No worries you can achieve the same effect by selecting the Float option from the Output window's dropdown menu

To see in action

To see how this looks in QTP compared to UFT I entered the following code in Quickest Professional and Unified Functional Testing:

For printNum = 1 to 50
print “QTP PRINT LOG DEMO NUMBER:” & printNum

And this is how the look compared to one another