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Anyone who knows me knows that my mission is to help individuals and companies succeed with test automation awesomeness. That’s why I’m pleased to announce my new venture, Automation Guild an online testing conference dedicated 100% to automation testing.

The Automation Guild is an online test automation conference and community dedicated to helping you master the craft of creating test automation awesomeness and accelerate your test automation career

I plan on having some of the world’s leading test automation experts share with you some actionable automation awesomeness that you can implement right away to help improve your new or existing test automation projects.

The best part is that the conference will be 100% online and all sessions will be viewable forever. To ensure you’re getting the best quality and value, the sessions will be pre-recorded so you’ll have only the very best of the recorded presentation.

Why an online conference?

  • Valuable advice from automation experts from around the world – We've brought the best speakers in the world to bring you the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the curve in the automation testing field.
  • No expensive airline tickets or hotel room – Let’s face it: we need to keep learning. One of the most rewarding ways to do that is by attending conferences. Unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult to make it to a conference due to travel costs, the price of the conference ticket, or your ability to take time off.
  • Lifetime viewing access – At traditional conferences you often end up missing a session or two that you really wanted to attend. Or you forgot something that the presenter mentioned. Watch each Automation Guild session as many times as you like!
  • Actionable Automation Awesomeness – Not just PowerPoint presentations; real-world examples. Our goal is to offer high quality screen share sessions where the presenter is actually showing real-world examples as opposed to high-level slides.

The conference will most likely last four days, with a keynote session to kick off each day along with four or five presenters sharing different topics in test automation and DevOps in test.

Get in Early

This is tentatively scheduled for January 2017, but to determine whether there is enough interest I’m collecting emails now to help determine if this is something folks are interested in. If I get enough responses, I’ll make it happen.

Those of you that sign up now will be guaranteed an “early bird” special low rate when I open registration. And since you’re getting in on the ground floor, you’ll be able to shape the conference session content to match the areas you’re interested in. Questions can be asked in each session’s comment area, and folks that sign up early can send me questions they would like answered from a certain speaker.

Are you in? Register now for the lastest event, and let’s create some epic conference automation awesomeness!

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