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QTP How to Fix ALM/QC connection issues after upgrade

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QTP ALM/QC connection issue after upgrade

The good news: my company finally upgraded last month from QC 10 to ALM 11. The not-so-great news is that since the upgrade, I've been dealing with lots of questions and issues from QTP users trying to connect to ALM11.

The two main issues are QTP hanging when trying to connect to ALM, or users continually getting “Access is denied” errors.

Here are the steps I've been using to resolve these issues:

Make sure that ‘Reconnect to server on startup' is not selected

If a user has the “Reconnect to server on startup” selected, QTP will attempt to reconnect to the old ALM/QC server every time it's started.

First, you should to make sure QTP doesn't try to reconnect to the older ALM/QC instance, since it will attempt to automatically update the QC add-in control, inevitably causing version conflicts.

To do this, go into the mic.ini and make sure all the automatic logins values are set to 0.

  • Navigate to the directory in which QuickTest Professional\bin is installed.

  • Make sure the ‘ReconnectToDB' is not selected.

Uninstall the HP QuickTest Add-in for ALM-QC

  • Under Windows's Control Panel section, uninstall the HP QuickTest Add-in for ALM-QC.

Install the new ALM/QC HP Quality Center Connectivity

  • Navigate to ALM/QC server Add-Ins Page (http://YourQCServer/qcbin).
  • Click on the Add-Ins Page link.
  • Click on the HP Quality Center Connectivity.
  • Download the Add-in to your local drive. (If you're running on Windows7, be sure to right-click on the TDConnect.exe and “Run as administrator.”

Start QTP and try connecting to the new ALM server

  • Make certain the user is using the correct Server URL. The URL should not contain start_a.htm. The correct format is: http://YourQCServer/qcbin
  • If you get an error message saying WebClient.dll access is denied, and QTP is on a Windows7 machine, close QTP and right-click on the QuickTest shortcut then “Run as administrator.”

Going ALM Nuclear

If the above does not resolve your issue, try the following:

  • Delete the TD_80 folder (if it exists) under your Windows Temp folder.
  • Uninstall the QC add-in.
  • Delete the “QuickTest Add-in for…” under the Program Files\HP folder.

  • Delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Add-in for Quality Center'
  • Reboot'
  • Re-install the QC add-in'
  • Try again to re-connect in QTP.


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