Cyber Security Tips and Virus Bombs with Greg Scott

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About this Episode:

Want to know a fun way to learn cyber-security tips? In this episode, Greg Scott security expert and author of Virus Bomb and Bullseye Breach will share how to pick up security practices by reading novels. Discover how to secure stuff like the bad guys do, and how to avoid security breaches in your applications.

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About Greg Scott

greg scott

Greg Scott is a cyber-security professional and published author. In his day job, he helps the world’s largest open-source software company support the world's largest telecom companies. Nights and weekends, he looks for ways to poison truck GPS signals, make cell phone bombs, blow up buildings, and mount cyberattacks. He might be on several government watchlists, and so he recommends that the dedicated law-enforcement professionals how might be watching his internet movements buy copies of his manifestos to take over the world, “Bullseye Breach: Anatomy of an Electronic Break-In,” and “Virus Bomb” for everyone in their departments before it's too late.

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