Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) with Gavin Johnson-Lynn

By Test Guild
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About this Episode

Is your website vulnerable to cross-site scripting vulnerabilities? In this episode, Gavin Johnson-Lynn talks all about his new Pluralsight course on getting started with BeEF. BeEF is a tool that allows cross-site scripting vulnerabilities to be investigated and exploited with minimal technical understanding. Discover how to use BeEF to exploit XSS and highlight just how critical this vulnerability can be to a website. Listen up

About Gavin Johnson-Lynn

Gavin Johnson-Lynn

Gavin has 20 years’ experience writing software in regulated environments and for global organizations. The last five years of his development career were spent with a focus on security, becoming the security lead for a significant payments project at an FTSE 100 company. He has experience with languages from COBOL to .Net. Gavin's experience of software security revealed a passion for security, leading him to become a speaker and blogger on the subject. Gavin is now part of a Red Team, using his defensive knowledge to aid offensive security work.

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