Drupal Performance Tuning with Brain Tully

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Brian Tully

About this Episode:

Do you need to performance test a content management system like Drupal, but don’t know where to start? In this episode Brian Tully, a Performance Specialist at Acquia, will share how to performance engineer a CMS. Discover his approach to Drupal performance tuning and testing. Listen up!

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About Brian Tully

Brian Tully

Brian Tully
Senior Technical Consultant / Performance Specialist

For the past two decades, Brian has developed web experiences and products with one goal in mind: to build high-quality software that delights the end-user and provides an optimal user experience. Prior to joining Acquia, Brian developed Drupal sites for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise/HP Cloud and became intrigued with Cloud services. He joined HP’s Helion team and supported the Horizon UI within the OpenStack Cloud Platform.

In a previous role at a digital agency, Brian was instrumental in developing a custom Content and Dealer Management System for Porsche Cars of North America (porchedealer.com), emphasizing the use of open-source software.

While at the New York Times Company, Brian leveraged Drupal to develop the popular product review site, ConsumerSearch.com. When Google made its “page speed is now a ranking factor” announcement, Brian led the charge to make the site performant, resulting in faster page loads, greatly improved user experience, and increased profitability. And better search rankings! This successful experience ignited his passion for Web Performance Optimization and User Experience.

Brian joined Acquia in July 2016 as a Performance Specialist. He leads the Professional Service Launch Readiness performance practice. When Brian isn’t running load tests and analyzing profiling data, he can be found strumming his guitar or hiking with his wife Amy and their fur baby, Penny — a Hungarian Vizsla.

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