Site Reliability Engineering: The Big Picture with Elton Stoneman

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About this Episode

DevOps is great, but it needs a huge cultural shift, which many organizations find too hard. That's where Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) comes in. In this episode, Elton Stoneman, author of the Pluralsight course Site Reliability Engineering (SRE): The Big Picture, shares why SRE might be than DevOps for most organizations. Discover how SRE brings a software engineering approach to operations, making it easy to implement and to get quick results. Listen in to discover some critical aspects of SRE and how to transform your organization.

About Elton Stoneman

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Elton spent most of his career as a consultant, designing and building large enterprise applications. Then he discovered the container revolution, joined Docker and worked with the team for three fast and furious years. Now he helps people break up those old enterprise apps and build new cloud-native apps – and run them all in Docker and Kubernetes. He speaks and runs workshops at conferences around the world, writes books and video courses and helps organizations at every stage in their container journey. Elton's a 10-time Microsoft MVP and a Docker Captain.

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