Black Friday Performance Testing Challenge

By Test Guild
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SmartBear SmartBear is dedicated to helping you release great software, faster, so they made LoadNinja. It load tests your web application with thousands of browsers for fast, accurate data. Try it today.

About this Episode

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 are over – how did your site do? Listen in to hear about a few companies whose website did not fare well this year. Also, discover a simple way to get started with performance testing and how to participate in the December performance testing challenge.

About The Challenge

Besides being easy to use LoadNinja has a new feature called Network Analytics that helps you visualize and analyze faster your performance test data.

You can now visualizer and analyze every single network operation on a page processed by the browser, including any API calls with detailed navigation timing data, the time it takes to download them, and their download size. This information is shown at different points during the duration of the test, with the ability to aggregate and visualize the data based on duration, download size, API calls, domains, paths, and more.

LoadNinja was designed to create a more holistic performance testing platform that provides a detailed analysis of your web application performance. The analysis is actionable and allows for easy and seamless collaboration between the testing and development teams.

Try the challenge now by getting the FREE trial.

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