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About This Episode:

Want to add self-healing AI to your existing Selenium test for free?
Have you seen this cool tool that allows you to emulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing? Need to know how to start testing Web3? Find out the answers to these and other end-to-end full pipelines DevOps, automation, performance, and security testing in this episode of the test guild news show for the week of March 6

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0:58  Healenium:
1:58  No code API testing:
2:42  SelectorsHub:
3:15  Testing DApps:
4:05  Tricentis Acquires Tx3 :
4:56  Faros AI:
5:57  Playwright Webinar:
6:42  Splunk and AWS OpenTelemetry:
7:27  Toxiproxy :
8:17  Bright Security $20M :


[00:00:56] First up automation news [00:00:56][0.2]

[00:00:58] So I had a great interview on my podcast with Anna, all about a cool library that helps you drive your existing Selenium tests with self-healing technology. Now, mostly when I talk to people on my podcast and how they talk about AI machine learning. It's always a paid solution. Here's an open source solution that Anna created that may be able to help you take your Selenium test to the next level. So Anna told me about Healenium, and if you check it out, it brings it to the website and it just goes over some of the key functionality that they're created in this library. That improves the stability of your Selenium tests because it handles changes of updating web elements dynamically while you're running tests. And you can add this to existing or new Selenium tests just by importing a library. It is open-source, and it really should help you improve the stability of your Selenium based on automation tests. So this will help you minimize your maintenance time. Help make your pipeline greener. Whole bunch of awesomeness that comes from using this library. So definitely check it out and let me know what you think. [00:01:57][59.1]

[00:01:58] So another thing that caught my attention while I was on GitHub is another library or another open source solution that helps you with no code API testing. Lot of times when we talk about no code, it relates to usually our web based automation. But this is one of the first open source solutions that you saw that actually applies just to API testing. And this is called keploy, and it has a no code. API testing platform helps you create unit tests and data mocks from API calls, so it converts API calls into test cases and mocks are automatically generated with actual requests and responses automatically. So another cool piece of technology that's available for free right now on GitHub. So once again, I have a link to that in the first comment down below. [00:02:41][43.2]

[00:02:42] And as you're writing tests, if you're having problems knowing what locators to use, there's an awesome solution by Sanjay Kumar that came out a while ago called SelectorsHub, and he just tweeted out that there's a new release of selectors hub. In the selectors hub now creates allows you to interact with the shadow. Dom has a lot of new improvements to the command feature, and it even has better support for the Cypress command. So if using Selectors Hub if you haven't used selectors hub, definitely check out the latest version 4.3.3, so just another tool you should probably have as part of your automation toolkit, for sure. [00:03:14][32.2]

[00:03:15] So you probably have been hearing a lot about Web3 Crypto, all these new technologies that are coming out, and how do you actually test these technologies? Well? I found an awesome resource that helps you do just this. This is a quick intro to testing DevOps decentralized applications, and this brought to you by Rhian Lewis. Rhian actually was as part of our Test Guild a few years ago, really smart tester developer, especially when it comes to crypto and has a lot of great resources here listed out as how you actually can get started testing Web three, what you need to do. How to get started. Tools and technologies really well laid out. It covers both, manual and automated testing and goes over a little bit about bug bounties as well. So if you want to stay up to speed on the latest and greatest, this is definitely a must read. So thank you, Rhian, for that. [00:04:04][49.1]

[00:04:05] So I used to work for a health care company that did a lot of testing in the regulated type of environment. So this next article really caught my attention. That Tricentis has acquired T x three, which is a digital validation platform for life sciences. So TX3 is a provider for automating quality and compliance software testing solutions for life sciences. And so by this acquisition, building uponTricentis AI powered continuous testing platform, the addition of the Tx3 provides greater specialization and increased capabilities to address the unique needs of the health care and life science industries. So really cool development like how companies are investing in this particular area. Like I said, this is really difficult to test when you're in a kind of regulated kind of environment, especially when has to do with health care. So if you're a tester in the life sciences, definitely give this solution a look and let me know what you think. [00:04:56][51.0]

[00:04:56] So speaking about A.I. in testing, actually found another article. On how Faros AI raises 16 million to launch an engineer OPS platform for software development. And a lot of times we talk about the AI, it's about testing or helping Selenium test or test in general. This actually focuses on engineering OPS, which I thought was kind of interesting. So what is EngOps? It looks at how developers work and seeks to improve processes by removing bottlenecks and eliminating barriers between teams. The goal is to release software engineering to the broader organization, tying software development to business outcomes by including stakeholders, improving visibility and creating opportunities to collaborate. What I thought was interesting is this article actually quotes mabel, which is a well-known provider of test automation software that developers pegged slow processes, the speed of adoption and restricting budgets and funding as their top blockers. So cool use of AI. Machine learning haven't used to myself, but definitely give it a whirl. Let me know if it works for you. [00:05:56][60.5]

[00:05:57] You know, as I was researching this week's show, I came across Andy kNight, The Automation Panda. He actually has a webinar replay on Modern Cross Browser Testing in JavaScript using Playwright, which is really coming up more and more popular automation framework. So in this webinar, Andy is going to go over the importance and evolution of cross-browser testing, critical requirements for scalable cross-browser testing initiatives, and pros and cons of different approaches as well. How to accelerate cross browser across device testing for integration into CI/CD using JavaScript with playwright. I think it's a really timely topic. So thank you, Andy, for covering it. And I think you definitely check this out as well. Once again, it'll be in the first comment down below. [00:06:39][41.8]

[00:06:39] Next up, performance and Site Reliability news. [00:06:41][1.8]

[00:06:42] So on this new show, we have a lot of topics that come up, and one of them that comes up often is observability. So this next article talks about how Splunk and AWS are coming together to unlock application observability through open telemetry, with enterprises shifting how they use their cloud infrastructure. Based on increased automation, observability becomes a key component needed to view the complexities involved for optimized results. And so opensource has been a big enabler of a lot of refactoring in the cloud and open telemetry as a collection of tools, APIs and SDKs help you eliminate the challenge of manually diving into logs and correlating requests between services. And it also has a video on speeding innovation on AWS which is actually by Splunk. [00:07:26][44.1]

[00:07:27] I also found a cool utility that can help you with chaos engineering. I'm not sure where I heard about this, probably on Twitter or on LinkedIn. Someone mentioned Toxie proxy. It's a TCP proxy to simulate network in system conditions for chaos and resilience testing. And so it's actually a framework for simulating network conditions. And it's made specifically to work in testing CI and deployment environments, supporting deterministic tampering with connections, but with support for randomized kiosks and customization. So just another cool tool. You should definitely have a new toolbox a tester, especially as chaos engineering resilience testing becomes even more and more important as years goes on as we start relying on third-party services and cloud-based providers. We need to be ready for these types of outages, and using a tool like toxic proxy actually allows you to do that. [00:08:14][47.3]

[00:08:15] Last up security news. [00:08:15][0.7]

[00:08:17] Ok, this next article is not only on security, but it's also a money segment on how bright security lands 20 million for dev-focused, dynamic app testing. The article goes on to talk about depending on who you talk about in cybersecurity, there's a big shift happening now and the application security sector. The idea is that the process of ensuring that code is secure should not fall only or even predominantly to the security team. The developers themselves need to play a leading role in security. And that's why these types of tools are very important in becoming more and more important. And one of the startups that is actually working on this issue is bright security, which was formerly known as Neural Legion. And so there are just a 20 million series a round funding for the company that they revealed a few days ago. And it goes on to talk about how, in a recent survey, a report 50 percent of all web applications are vulnerable to at least one Serious exploitable vulnerability throughout 2021, And this tool was made specifically for developers. So as we talk about all the time which shifting things left, this just helps developers get involved in security before it's already baked into the application and released to a security team over the wall. And I think it's going to help a lot of teams build more secure apps and definitely check that out as well. [00:09:29][72.0]

[00:09:29] All right. For leaks of everything of value we covered in this news episode, make sure to head on over to the links in the first comment down below and why there make sure to check out our awesome sponsors Applitools by creating a free account and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level, leveraging visual AI. [00:09:45][16.4]

[00:09:46] So that's it for this episode of the Test Guild new show. Once again, I'm Joe my mission is to help you succeed in creating full-stack pipeline automation awesomeness. As always, test everything and keep the good. Cheers. [00:09:46][0.0]




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