Training and Career Paths for Testers (Become a SDET) with Kuzzat Altay

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About This Episode:

With the Fourth of July week upon us in the United States, it would be fitting to showcase what represents the best of America. In this episode, we start with Kuzzat Altay's story of his arrival in the United States as a refugee in 2008, equipped with no knowledge of English and few contacts. He shares how he taught himself programming and automation testing, eventually founding a successful training company, Cydeo. We also explore the possibility of becoming an SDET without coding experience or a college degree. Discover how to set career goals to stay ahead and get inspired by a genuinely American story. Listen now.

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About Kuzzat Altay

Kuzzat Altay

Kuzzat Altay is a leading Uyghur American businessman, tech entrepreneur, founder of CYDEO, and human rights activist.

After arriving in the United States as a refugee in 2008 with no English and few contacts, Altay taught himself how to code and became a respected automation developer for companies like Inovalon, Fannie Mae, CGI, and Accenture, where he worked the rollout of Obamacare project.

He founded Cydeo in 2015, which helps transform coding novices into IT professionals equipped to meet industry demands. Their human-centric learning approach nurtures confidence, ignites forgotten potential, and empowers individuals to make a significant life change. They provide more than just programs – they offer a journey curated with high-quality training, live classes, and comprehensive support. From immersive projects and mock interviews to their vibrant community and mentorship program, they ensure every student is job-ready and competitive.

To learn more about How to Become a Java SDET, with ZERO Coding Experience make sure to register for our webinar all about it now:

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