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Become a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) professional by combining coding, problem-solving skills, and simulated work experience. You can create scalable test automation frameworks for UI/Database/API.

Our program starts simple and builds step-by-step. First, you’ll learn the Java programming language. Next, you’ll master testing tools such as TestNG, JUnit, Selenium WebDriver, JDBC, and REST Assured. From there, we’ll teach you SQL enabling you to build different test automation frameworks.

Students also work in teams on projects that resemble the work environment and build confidence to tackle the interview process.

In this training session, we will show you the following:

  • Understanding the Target Audience: Learn that our program is designed for individuals without experience in the field. We teach from the ground up, transforming beginners into professionals.
  • Role of Instructors and Mentors: Discover how our dedicated team of instructors and mentors guide you through your tech education journey, providing support and expertise to enhance your learning experience.
  • Flexible Learning Schedule: Understand that our program is tailored to fit the schedules of those with full-time commitments. Learn how to become an SDET through our professionally recorded cinematic training videos and live weekend review sessions with instructors, allowing you to balance learning with your daily life.

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Kuzzat Altay

Kuzzat is a leading Uyghur American businessman, tech entrepreneur, and human rights activist. 

After arriving in the United States as a refugee in 2008 with no English and few contacts, Altay taught himself how to code and became a respected automation developer for companies like Inovalon, Fannie Mae, CGI, and Accenture, where he worked the rollout of Obamacare project.

In 2015, Altay founded Cybertek, a tech education company that teaches over 8,500 students across 23 countries, from Salesforce Development, Back-End Development, Test Automation, and cybersecurity.


July 13, 2023
1:00 PM EDT

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