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About This Episode:

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In this episode, you'll hear from five SeleniumConf Chicago 2023 speakers and/or project core committers about their upcoming talks, the reasons for their participation, and the benefits attendees can expect to gain from the conference. Additionally, our guests shed light on the Webdriver ecosystem – open-source projects that complement and add features and functionality to the browser automation capabilities that Selenium provides. They discuss the inaccuracies and misleading comparisons that pit Selenium against tools such as Cypress and Playwright. They also explain how using Selenium with Webdriver frameworks can help achieve parity with these tools while using real browsers.
Join us as we hear from Corina Pip, QA Lead at Deloitte Digital; David Burns, Head of Open Source Program Office at BrowserStack; Noemi Ferrara, Software Dev Engineer II-TEST at Amazon Spain; Simon Stewart, Selenium Project Core Contributor and creator of WebDriver, and Marcus Merrell Vice President of Technology Strategy for Sauce Labs, . Tune in to learn more about browser automation, the Webdriver ecosystem, and how the community can work together to achieve better results.

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About Corina Pip

Corina Pip

Corina Pip, QA Lead at Deloitte Digital | Selenium Project Leadership Committee member

Corina is an experienced tester and manager, with a career spanning over a decade. Her favorite activities include: doing automation by means of Java, Selenium, Cypress and other cool frameworks, setting up and maintaining automation frameworks, or basically anything related to testing.

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About David Burns

David Burns

David Burns, Head of Open Source Program Office at BrowserStack, NightwatchJS Project Lead, Selenium Project Core Contributor

David is the Chair of the W3C Browser Testing and Tools Working group and co-editor of the WebDriver specification, trying to ensure automation frameworks in browsers are interoperable. He was an engineering manager at Mozilla within Developer Experience working on tooling and infrastructure to help make a better web. David has been a core contributor on the Selenium project for over a decade supporting Firefox and the Python client bindings.

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About Noemi Ferrara

Noemi Headshot

Noemi Ferrara, Software Dev Engineer II-TEST en Amazon Spain

Noemi is a software engineer passionate about technology and testing. She has been in and out of testing roles and has always strived for quality, automation and tooling creation to ease the entire development process. She has worked in multinational companies (such IBM, Microsoft and Dell) and also in a startup in Ireland. She lived for two years in China working for the giant Netease games. Currently she works at Amazon.

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About Marcus Merrell

marcus merrell

Marcus Merrell, Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs | Selenium Project Leadership Committee member

Marcus Merrell has written UI and API test frameworks for several products since 2001. He is obsessed with code design and holds sacred the philosophy that test frameworks should be approached, developed, and tested just as carefully as production code. As Vice President of Technology Strategy for Sauce Labs, he works with strategic partners on new areas of innovation around smart test infrastructure, test signals for improved risk management, and generally elevating quality practices in the industry.

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About Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart, Selenium Project Core Contributor and creator of WebDriver

Simon is the “lead emeritus” of the Selenium project, and has been for a very long time. He created WebDriver, is the co-editor of the W3C WebDriver spec, and lives in London with his family and dog.

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