Managing Test Environments like a Navy Seal with Josh Thurman

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About This Episode:

Are shared environments holding your testing team back? In this episode, Josh Thurman, co-founder of Uffizzi and former Navy Seal, will share an open-source solution to solve your test and dev environment issues. Discover how on-demand environments are a game changer for testing efficiency, how to get started, tips and techniques, and more. Also, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar with Josh to see all this in action:

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About Josh Thurman

Josh Thurman

Co-founder, Open Source Lead, and Head of Developer Relations at Uffizzi. Josh honed his expertise leading high-performance teams as a Navy SEAL before taking those lessons and applying them to software automation and testing.

Uffizzi is an Open Source company that provides on-demand Environments as a Service to improve organizational testing efficiency. Uffizzi is highly modular, covers a broad spectrum of test environment use cases, and is designed to integrate your existing CI/CD workflows.

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