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Software development is moving faster than ever in a continuous delivery model, and traditional test automation is sometimes not enough to keep up. In this episode, technology leader Dushyant Acharya, will share how the engineering productivity paradigm helps expand test automation and make it more effective. Discover how to increase software development productivity with development workflow, including test automation, infrastructure, and efficient product delivery.

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About Dushyant Acharya

Dushyant Acharya

Dushyant is a technology leader with expertise in building and running high performing engineering teams delivering quality products at scale. He currently runs Payment Platform engineering teams of Engineering Productivity, and DevOps at Ripple Labs – which aims to provide frictionless experience for global payments on blockchain technology.

Dushyant also holds a strong academic background with masters in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, India and MBA from Haas school of management, UC Berkeley.

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Dushyant Acharya TestGuild AutomationFeature