Fullstack acceptance testing using Serenity/JS with Jan Molak

By Test Guild
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About This Episode

Do you know that there is another design pattern you can follow besides page objects that make your test more readable and maintainable? In this episode, Jan Molak, creator of  Serenity/JS, shares his thoughts on test automation using the Screenplay pattern. Discover how Serenity/JS and the Screenplay Pattern can help you break the chains of UI-only automation and write high-quality acceptance tests interacting with any interface of your system.

About Jan Molak

Jan Molak Headshot

Jan Molak is an international speaker, consultant, trainer, and full-stack developer specializing in Continuous Delivery and all those aspects of a software delivery process that helps you make it happen.

Jan is the author of Serenity/JS, Jenkins Build Monitor, and other open-source projects helping thousands of companies worldwide keep their builds green and the delivery process smooth.

Connect with Jan Molak

Jan Molak Serenity

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