Service Virtualization Microservices Testing with Brandon Byars

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About This Episode

Even if you test your microservices in isolation, it’s challenging—and potentially dangerous—to test a live microservices system that’s changing and growing. In this episode Brandon Byars, author of Testing Microservices with Mountebank, shares how service virtualization can help imitate the components of a distributed microservices application. Discover tips on how this approach can take your microservices testing efforts to the next level.

About Brandon Byars

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Brandon Byars is a technologist and principal consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has a wide range of experience in multiple technologies and business domains, with an interest in applying systems thinking to software development. Brandon has a particular interest in exploring the social and organizational aspects that allow software development to scale to large enterprises.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the podcast. At present, I am working on a project to test a Microservices based solution.

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