97: How HPE Uses LeanFT Internally with the LeanFT Test Team

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This episode is a special treat, because we’ll be speaking with the actual HPE team that tested HPE’s new testing tool, LeanFT. Today we’ll be TestTalking with Hagay Avisar, the leader of HPE’s automation Center of Excellence, Ayelet Dasa a software engineer who focuses on test automation, Aviad Diamant the Lead for LeanFT’s Quality Team, and Malcolm Isaacs a senior researcher at HP. So get ready to get a behind-the-scenes, insiders look at how a functional test tool vendor goes about testing its own products.

About the LeanFT Team
LeanFT Test Team

Hagay Avisar

Hagay joined HPE eleven years ago when it was still Mercury. He has over fifteen years’ experience in software development. Hagay currently leads the ADM ACoE (Application Delivery Management, Automation Center of Excellence) team.

Ayelet Dasa

Ayelet Dasa HPE LeanFT
Ayelet has over ten years of manual and automation testing experience and has been with HPE for almost five years. She focuses on test automation with a variety of technologies and frameworks and currently leads the ADM FT&Mobile automation agendas as a part of the ADM ACoE team.

Aviad Diamant

Aviad Diamant HPE LeanFT
Aviad has been leading the LeanFT Quality team for over a year. He has more than ten years of manual and automation testing experience.

Malcolm Isaacs

Malcolm Isaacs HPE
A senior researcher in Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Software's Application Delivery Management (ADM) team, specializing in software development and delivery. During the course of his career, Malcolm has held various positions, including software engineer, team leader, and architect. In 2003, he joined Mercury (later acquired by HPE), where he worked on a number of products specializing in supporting traditional and agile software development life cycles, from planning through deployment. (He also was generous enough to help me with my UFT API book !)

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • We tried to oversee the technologies the customers are using, objects they are using in their specific niches. We obviously aimed for web applications. Later on, we implemented HP Mobile Center as mobile is a growing technology, to focus our testing and our development and their testing on the mobile technology. Obviously taking from the variety of customers we have as UFT or QTP taking their applications that they're testing and their technology and try to work from their AUT technology.
  • I will say that some, if not most of HP products at the moment are focusing on groups that are doing Agile and will help improve the Agile process and therefore, we must use them. We use our tools in house. We must and we want to do the R&D process or development process. We want to do it Agile, as much as possible to experience what our customers will experience using our tools, basically. Eating our own dog food is really important for us.
  • As a center of excellence team, we have the vision for all the groups, and of course we're working with LeanFT with the QA team, but we are working with other teams, with other pillars that related to LeanFT. We are consuming LeanFT as a product. We are really using our own product in order to test our own product. For example we are automating LoadRunner's TruClient using LeanFT and because of the complexity of TruClient, it is using couple of the technologies, web and winform and WP. We have a lot of running mode. LeanFT really helped us overcome those challenges. To your question, yes, we are consuming and using our own products in different pillars, not only in the pillar that LeanFT is developed.
  • For the continuous integration, we run very short tests and then for end tests on one technology of the set of technologies that LeanFT supports. We have additional pipelines that will be the regression pipeline and the nightly pipeline. Within the nightly, we are making the suite lighter obviously. We are running the end to end test for the entire technologies that LeanFT supports.
  • Developers are starting to use LeanFT at HPE. It's hot, in the last weeks. We are in contact with long line of development team. They are looking for a solution automate LoadRunner. One of the person that leads this future team is POC with LeanFT team and he was so excited. He just want to start a project without any further notice. He just want to start automate LoadRunner using LeanFT because it was very easy for him to understand, to install, and to start covering mobile and mobile is a complex product as some of the viewers know. Not easy one to automate but that team of mobile has really enjoyed using with LeanFT.
  • Selenium is a huge tool in the market and we try not only to have people use just LeanFT but to have people implement LeanFT into this new suite. We have a suite of tests that has both LeanFT and Selenium together. Basically they can live in the same environment which means we can run one test that has both Selenium code and LeanFT code and it works. We test that and verify that as well.

About the LeanFT Team
LeanFT Test Team

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  1. I am one of those internal HPE users that are using LeanFT. I can honestly say that LEanFT is truly a great tool – it’s truly the right tool for Dev and DevTest who are doing UI-based automation testing. Well done, guys!

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