69: Lubos Parobek: Mobile Testing on Real Devices Made Easy

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Mobile Testing on Real Devices Made Easy

Not sure if you should test your mobile app against a simulator, emulator or real device? Testing against a real device would be optimal, but do you really have the budget or time to set up your own mobile testing lab? No worries SauceLabs just got even better with their announcement of a new feature that allows customers to test their mobile apps across the full spectrum of simulators, emulators and real devices using one platform as part of their DevOps workflow.

Lubos Parobek, Vice President of Product at SauceLabs, shares with us his unique insight on all the benefits of easily testing mobile apps in SauceLabs’ cloud.


About Lubos


Lubos is a seasoned software marketing and product management professional. His previous gigs include serving as vice president of product management at DELL as well as leadership positions at organizations including KACE, Sybase, iAnywhere, AvantGo and 3Com. At Sauce, Parobek leads strategy and development of Sauce Labs' web and mobile application testing platform. 

Lubos holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

Quotes & Insights from Lubos included in this Test Talk

  • SauceLabs is  a cloud service and for automated testing of web applications and mobile applications, and so the problem that it solves is that if you’re developing a web app or a mobile app, you’re going to need to go ahead and test that against a variety of operating system and browser combinations. 
  • We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re expanding our mobile offering to include real mobile devices! 
  • Emulators and simulators do a great job of catching the first level of issues, and so they’re less expensive. Therefore, cheaper to run in high concurrency and parallels. They’re a good way to catch that first level bug, but they don’t always catch all of the unique issues that might pop up and that you might actually see on a real device, and so what we’ll be doing is literally adding hundreds of iOS devices and Android devices to our cloud, and making those available to run tests against.
  • One thing that’s interesting in terms of our approach to the market versus other vendors is that we are designing our cloud to be able to run at high concurrency. 
  • On September 30th, we’re actually doing a public beta, and there’ll be a link on our website that folks can sign up for the beta. They’ll be contacted and set up to use that part of our cloud.
  • Folks should look really carefully at how they use emulators and simulators versus real devices. Look at their application. Think about which of the issues can they capture with those lower-cost resources. That will really enable them to do the volume of testing that they need to keep their pipeline, their cycle time low, and then switch to real devices at the point where they feel like they’ve got everything they can out of the emulators and simulators.


Connect with Lubos

  • Email: LUBOS [@] saucelabs .com
  • Company: SauceLabs

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