35:Matt Wynne: BDD and The Cucumber Book

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The Cucumber Book – Behavior-Driven Development for Testers and Developers

Are you trying to get up to speed on Behavior Driven Development (BDD), but are finding all the information hard to digest?

When you’re in a meeting do you wonder why everyone suddenly has a craving for cucumbers? Are you responsible for test automation and want to know how it all fits in BDD? Do you want to know what level of detail your BDD scenarios should be written in?

In this episode, you’ll hear the answer to these questions and many more as we test talk with Matt Wynne, author of The Cucumber Book.

About Matt Wynne


Founder of Cucumber Ltd, core developer on the Cucumber project a and co-author of The Cucumber Book – Behavior Driven Development for Testers and Developers

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Cucumber is a tool for running acceptance tests.
  • Acceptance tests are a kind of automated test that you would write with a non-technical stakeholder, like a Product Owner, on the team.
  • Customer-facing acceptance tests focus on how the story is going to behave after you have implemented it. It defines what the customer is going to consider as acceptable.
  • Each example in a feature file is an example of good behavior in a system.
  • Most teams that think they’re doing Agile are really just doing Scrum, and are not practicing test driven development.
  • Deming quote: “Let's make toast the American way – you burn it, I'll scrape it.”
  • Discover how to get developers to buy into BDD and TDD
  • Two main reasons why some developers don’t test are that they don’t have time or they don’t know how.
  • Learn how to listen to your tests
  • Use Gerkin to help you collaborate with other members of your team and to help get your team’s understanding documented somewhere.
  • Much, much more!


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  1. […] Matt Wayne, author of The Cucumber Book, also calls this concept “listening to the tests.” The feedback you get from your tests can come on a number of different levels. If they’re taking a long time to run, for instance, that is feedback to you; it is information being communicated to you that you need to deal with. And the way to address it is not just by figuring out ways to parallelize the tests or running them using a headless browser. Those actions are really just kind of putting band aids over the problem. […]

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