33: 2014 Recap and Test Automation Trends in 2015

By Test Guild
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Top Three Testing Trends for 2015

In this episode, I recap 2014 as well as break out my crystal ball to define what I see as the top testing trends for 2015 – information you’ll need to know in order to succeed in the New Year. I also share with you my top three must-read books for 2015 as well as the top three tools that will help you have the most productive, automation-awesomest year ever.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Discover what my top three must reads are for 2015.
  • Will test tool vendors embrace open source tools in 2015?
  • Top three testing things you need to know in 2015.
  • How to research trends to help you become more employable in 2015


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  1. Thank you Joe, it helps ! Almost all conference talks I attended recently were having one thing in common i.e. Selenium and its increasing adoption. Shift from vendor tool to Selenium is been the trend, at least in the companies I happened to talk to, that made me write blog, QTP, you are good, but we LOVE Selenium (And Here is Why))

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