Does HP’s UFT Support AngularJS?

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Using UFT’s Extensibility to Test Your Custom Controls

I’ve been getting some questions asking me if UFT or LeanFT supports AngularJS. The answer is yes and no. What do I mean by that? Well, for one thing there’s no “official” Angular JS add-in, but if you’re testing native AngularJS applications that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using UFT’s built-in Web add-in.

It’s important to remember that AngularJS is just a structural framework for creating dynamic web pages. That means it lets you leverage HTML as your template language, and extends HTML to allow you to express your app components in a clear way.

Since it’s just HTML, UFT/QTP/LeanFT shouldn’t have any issues recognizing your application fields as standard web elements.

For example, I have a main application that I test, and there’s no difference between how our Selenium tests interact with it and how QTP/UFT or LeanFT interacts with it. They both recognize the fields without any issues.

What About UI Framework Built on Angulate JS?

If you’re testing custom control build on top of AngularJS, UFT would most likely not recognize those objects and, according to HP, such framework would not be supported.

So what is “officially” supported by HP? Does HP UFT support angularJs?

HP’s Official Support for AngularJS

Specific versions of AngularJS are declared as “partially” supported. (This is not extended to supporting custom controls on UI frameworks.)

AngularJS UFT 11.5x – 12.01 UFT 12.02 – 12.52 UFT 12.53
1.2 No No Yes
1.3 No Yes Yes
1.4 No No No

UFT AngularJS Support Workaround

Of course, if you’re dealing with an unsupported control or one that UFT doesn’t recognize out of the box, you can use their Web Extensibility add-in to create a workaround or alternative method that UFT can hook into to help recognize your application’s objects. For a great example of this check out Using UFT’s Extensibility to Test Your Custom Controls with Michael Germann.

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Using UFT’s Extensibility to Test Your Custom Controls

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