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Automation Guild 2020

I’m sure if you’re reading this post it’s because you regularly face the extreme challenge of creating reliable, maintainable automated tests. You also know how hard it can be to stay up to speed on the latest in software development and testing with all the different tools and techniques needed to stay relevant in the ever-changing space.

Be the hero of all your automation testing efforts in 2020

Wouldn’t it feel great to be the hero of your teams’ automated testing projects, and possess skills that make yourself more employable in the New Year.

Happy Guild Memebers

I’m Joe, host of Guild Conferences, and I’m excited to announce the opening of registration for the Fourth Annual Automation Guild. Automation Guild is an online conference and community dedicated 100% to helping you succeed in creating automation testing awesomeness.

Each year as I’m planning this event, I ask previous Guild attendees what their biggest automation challenge is, and based on their responses I do my best to find the appropriate speakers to address those concerns.

Once again, I’ve brought together some of the top experts in the world to share their best, real-world, actionable tips, tools, techniques or best practices you can use right away to help accelerate your test automation efforts in 2020.

For example, we have…

  • Jim Hazen: Modeling Methods for Automation in Testing
  • Eran Kinsbruner (Perfecto): How to Keep your Continuous Test Automation Valuable Continuously
  • Jan Molak: Full Stack Acceptance Testing with Serenity/JS 2.0
  • Larry Goddard: Building a Testing Framework with WebdriverIO
  • Angie Jones: Automation using Oxygen IDE
  • Rhian Lewis: Blockchain Testing
  • Andrew Knight: How to Start Testing with Python
  • Ali Khalid: Big Data 101 and the Importance of Automation
  • Gaurav Singh: Contract Testing: Beyond Functional API Tests
  • Noemi Ferrera: Things You Didn't Know You Could Automate
  • Sudhrity Mondal (Testim): Automation Test Strategy and Design for Agile Teams
  • Bijoya Chatterjee: Creating a Pipeline for Success
  • Viktoriia Kuznetcova: Writing Maintainable Test Code with Selenium, Spock and a few Sparkles
  • Michelle Xie: Automated Testing Stability with Cloud Solutions
  • Rex Jones II: TestNG: A Powerful Test Framework
  • Josh Grant (SauceLabs): PyTest: The Awesome Parts
  • Satyajit Malugu: Look Inside the Box for Better UI Tests
  • Paul Grizzaffi: Taking Care of Business – The Ugly Part of Automation
  • “Ask us Anything about Automation” roundtable with experts Ben Johnson Ward from BlazeMeter, Greg Paskal, Corina Pip, Guljeet Nagpaul from AccelQ, Tariq King, Raghav Pal, Praveen Umanth from Browserstack, Alan Richardson and Nikolay Advolodkin

Some other ways you’ll benefit from the Guild are:

Discover the best and newest ways to create and succeed with automation awesomeness

Take in 20+ practical, action-oriented automation testing sessions from the world’s leading experts—all from the comfort of your home or office. Each speaker’s session will be pre-recorded to ensure an excellent level of video and audio quality typically missing from other webinar-type events.

At this point, you may be asking, “What about the live portion of the Automation Guild conference?”

No worries–I’ll be live streaming during the entire week, and most of the speakers will be available LIVE for 20-to-30-minute Q&A sessions, so you can have your questions answered on the spot. And if you can’t make a particular session, no problem! You’ll have access to the recordings, as well as lifetime access to all the conference sessions and trainings.

Reduce your trial and error time 

Why experiment with your automation when you can fast-track your time to success? The experts at this event will show you how to focus on what really works in automation.

Improve your professional development at a low cost

Most conferences cost thousands of dollars for travel and lost work time while attending a physical event. Not at Automation Guild, because it all happens all online.

Automation Guild Registration

Watch sessions live or at your own pace

All of our sessions will be held online! You can attend live sessions or catch the video recordings, download audio files or study transcripts when your schedule permits. And with your paid registration, you’ll also have lifetime access to all the conference videos, so you can look back and watch on your own schedule. If you can’t make a Q&A session live, all live aspects of the conference will also be recorded and uploaded to the site within 48 hours.

In addition, you’ll receive access to the Automation Guild conference site and all its content for up to a year after the conference is over, affording you the opportunity to download it to your own device(s) where it can be kept for as long as you wish.

Another benefit: If you can’t make a session but want a specific question answered, you can pre-send me your question(s) and I will make sure to ask it for you.

Network with automation engineers just like you

Make new connections in our private and exclusive app designed specifically for Automation Guild, and chat live with other participants on the private Automation Guild Slack channel.

By automation engineers, for automation engineers!

Traditional professional development conferences that feature a lineup of world-class experts and provide the opportunity to network with your peers often cost thousands of dollars to attend. And that doesn’t include the price of travel, meals, hotel accommodations, rental cars and lost work time.

Not at Automation Guild.

You’ll have no costs for travel, meals, hotels, cars or lost time! Why? Because it’s an online event.

Money-Back Guarantee

The price of this conference is a steal considering the amount of awesomeness you’ll be getting.

We guarantee that you will discover a tip, tool, technique or best practice that will help your testing efforts or your career.

If after viewing all the sessions and the live Q&A you can honestly tell me within 60-days that you received zero value from the Guild we’ll refund your money.

What other conference offers an actual guarantee?

That’s how awesome we think Guild Conferences are.

But don’t take our word for it.

Listen to what past Guild members have to say:

automation guild review

Join the Guild Now!

I'd love to see you at the 2020 event – register now [here]

Need help convincing your boss to allow you to go to the Automation Guild? Here is an email template Automation Guild attendee Tanvir Ul created that you can use.

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