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I’m excited about the opportunity I’ll have in a few weeks to host this year's Vivit Worldwide Application Development (ADM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) Virtual Days.

And on behalf of Vivit, I'd like to welcome and encourage you to register for this can't-miss ADM event taking place December 3 and 4, and ITOM event taking place Dec 10 and 11, 2019.

Thanks to Vivit, both events are FREE.

If you’re not already aware, Vivit is the independent, non-profit service organization that represents the broad Micro Focus community and is the endorsed Micro Focus users group.

For almost two decades, Vivit has been the unbiased, trusted and field-tested community for thousands of Micro Focus customers, developers, and partners from around the world and from all areas of business and industry.

If you're using any of the ADM or ITOM solutions, these online conferences are for you. Or even if you’re not, you will still pick up some tips and tricks that you can apply to any automation testing effort.

Register now and discover some awesome tips for current ADM and ITOM solutions, and get a sneak peek into what's coming down the road with future technologies and enhancements.

You’ll learn about cool topics like:

    • How Micro Focus is bringing together UFT and LoadRunner capabilities into an integrated solution
    • How Micro Focus is leveraging Artificial Intelligence to deliver major advances in functional testing
    • How ALM Octane provides the right DevOps management tools
    • Real-world examples of how clients have leveraged Micro Focus solutions to achieve transformational outcomes
    • DevOps Test Automation with LeanFT
    • Secrets of Test Automation: Identify Objects on the fly with the Magic Object Model
    • Service Management Automation
    • Network Operations Management
    • What’s new in Data Center Automation
    • Next-Gen Ops for ITOM
    • Cognitive Engineering
    • Much, much more

This will also be your chance to ask some of the top Micro Focus ADM/ITOM experts in the world any question(s) you might have about their solutions.

Additionally, you’ll get the added benefit of being able to interact with your fellow Vivit members, all online, no travel required.

Finally, a bonus—if you miss anything, the whole event will be recorded and available for you to view any time after the conference is over.

Register now, and let's create some Vivit ADM and ITOM awesomeness together.

  • Register for ===> ADM Conference
  • Register for====> ITOM Conference

Hope to see you there!

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