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UFT 14 – Quick Overview of What You Need To Know

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OMG! Here we go again. I’m firing off a quick post to head off any confusion for someone that might still be using HP’s test tools. The marketing geniuses at HP (soon to be Micro Focus), due to their strange obsession with confusing customers, have once again created some name and license changes.

For some reason, they tend to do this every two years.


So what are the UFT 14 Name Changes?

Starting with 14.00, it appears that there are now three different versions of UFT: Ultimate, Enterprise, and Pro (LeanFT).

So, if you already have a license for UFT it’s now called UFT Enterprise, and if you had just a LeanFT license it’s now called UFT Pro. One question, HP: Why!?

Per HP’s Readme file, here are the differences between the three versions:

  • Ultimate includes UFT, UFT PRO (AKA LeanFT), Sprinter, BPT and Mobile Center
  • Enterprise includes just UFT, UFT PRO, and Sprinter
  • Pro (LeanFT) – includes UFT PRO-only and none of the other products

How to install UFT

Do you have to update your Licensing Server?

At least HP had the sense not to force UFT concurrent users to have to upgrade their license servers as well.

There is a new licensing server based on device ID-based licenses instead of licenses based on the license server IP address, but as of now, the existing licenses are backward compatible. I was able to install UFT 14 and point to my older licensing server without any issues.

What other 14.0 changes are there?

TFS Extension

Folks that want to integrate UFT with their Microsoft Team Foundation Server CI System should check out the UFT TFS Extension.

Test Combinations Generator for GUI Tests

UFT 14.0 has a new tool called The Test Combinations Generator (TCG). TCG helps you create test configurations. This is done using the parameters in your tests and their possible values to create multiple possible data combinations.

MQTT Protocol

MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet of Things” connectivity protocol and UFT 14 supports it!

Other New Technologies that are supported by 14

There are a bunch of other new frameworks and technologies that UTT supports, including:

  • EXT-JS 6.0
  • Safair 10.12
  • SAPUI5 1.38
  • Delphi Berline 10.1
  • SAP Hybris
  • Windows Server 2016
  • And of course, the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome

The Biggest New UFT 14 Features

If you joined us this year for the Automation Guild Conference, you know the folks at HP hinted that some big news was forthcoming regarding LeanFT. And they weren’t exaggerating.

In my opinion, the two most impressive new features are these added functionalities:

  1. The use of PRO (LeanFT) on Windows AND Mac OS and Linux
  2. LeanFT for Selenium support has been added

LeanFT for Selenium includes a Java library that extends the WebDriver API. It also includes additional locator and utilities that help make your Selenium tests more robust.

It also allows you to write less code since it has built-in utilities you don’t have to create from scratch.

Additionally, when using LeanFT for Selenium you have the added IDE plugin feature that includes helpful Selenium templates and a powerful Object Identification Center.

Join The Automation Guild For More LeanFT Awesomeness

If you’re new to LeanFT you should definitely check out Yossi Rachelson the inbound product manager at HPE Software for Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) Automation Guild session on Getting Started with LeanFT.

More Updates to Come 

Version14 was released a few weeks ago, but I just recently got around to installing it. The above are just some quick takeaways; I plan to write a more in-depth post later. So stay tuned and let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to know more about.

Also, be sure to check out the first-ever online conference dedicated to testing automation — Automation Guild.

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