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Technology Specific Guide for QTP Books Review

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Are you a new QTP user and need to get up to speed with automating a web application?

Jam-packed with QTP insight, this book is the first in a series that will lead you on your own journey to becoming a QTP web testing expert. With so few books available on QuickTest Professional, this series is much-needed. I've been an avid QTP user since it was first released, yet I learned something new from each and every chapter of this book.

Technology Specific Guide for QTP : QTP for Web Testing by Aditya Kalra & Timonthy Rajan Alex (ISBN:978-93-5067-357-7) is 199 pages long, broken up into nine main sections:

  • Fundamentals of Web Testing using QTP
  • Simple Web Objects
  • Complex Web Objects
  • Downright Complex Web Objects
  • The Extensibility Add-in
  • Fundamentals of Web Services Testing using QTP
  • Managing XML data using QTP
  • What's new in QTP 11.0
  • QTP Patches and Hot fixes

Topics covered in Technology Specific Guide for QTP

Just as the title implies, this book is actually a guide for not only using QTP, but the how and why things you need to know when testing web applications specifically—the beginning framework of which is laid out in the first chapter. Topics included:

    • XPATH
    • CSS
    • What is a DOM
    • Web application Architecture
    • And best practices for how to configure QTP for web testing

The next three chapters deal with browser-specific field objects along with some nice small code examples. (Later chapters deal with more advanced topics like how to use the web extensibility add-in, and using XMl.)

My Opinion

I like that this book contains many small, concise examples presented in an easy, down-to-earth style. There were many pages I found myself dog-earing for later reference, like the XPATH and Regular example tables. While it is not an exhaustive look at QTP, this book more than fulfills its purpose as a quick guide to getting a user well on his or her way to QTP mastery.

It should be noted that the quality of the book is not outstanding, but that fact in no way compromises the effectiveness of its content. I do feel however, that this guide would be better in e-book format.

More Guides

If you enjoy this book, there are more to follow, which will cover other technologies like:

  • .NET
  • Java
  • SAP
  • WPF

Where to buy

To order this book, or to get more information and updates check out It appears that it is currently available in India only, which is a shame.

Note: I may be a little biased, as I did write a blurb for this book and received a free copy.

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