T.J. Maher

T.J. Maher

Twitter: @tjmaher1

LinkedIn: tjmaher1

Blog: tjmaher.com

Session Preview

T.J. Maher, a QA Engineer in Boston, has been trying to survive all the changes happening to the software testing industry. He writes about his experiences on his blog, Adventures in Automation, tackling problems he faces as he tackles automation development for the first time. T.J. is a contributor to the online magazine TechBeacon.com.

Session - How to Work With Developers

Jun 20 3:30-4:20 PM(EDT)

T.J. Maher has been a software tester for over twenty years since before the concept of Agile software development existed. He believes the relationship between developers and testers should not be one of artist and art critic. Instead, it should be one of a writer and a copyeditor, each working together to create a quality product. T.J. will be sharing his experiences working with developers pre-Agile, working with them on Agile teams, and his insight gained by shifting to automation development.