Chad Capson

Chad Capson

Chad Capson

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Session Preview

Chad has been doing automation in one form or another for 10+ years now. He's had an amazing journey, from RF testing, TWT tuning and testing, embedded systems testing, and into mobile and web testing, the journey was worth it. Chad is looking forward to the next set of journeys ahead of him, in the world of pipeline CI/CD automation, automation system architecture and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Session - How to choose a test case management system

Jun 22 12:30-1:20 PM(EDT)

If you're in the business of testing, you need a way to track the tests you are creating and running. And if you're like most groups, there are many tests that require manual testing steps. It's one thing for an automation system to just upload what is in code to a reporting system, but what do we do about the manual tests? That's where a good test case management system comes in handy. And the process for choosing one doesn't have to be scary or hard. And if we pick the right principles to follow in selecting a test case management system, we don't have to worry about checking boxes on a list to get a good system in place anywhere we are. That applies to systems that need manual test only, automation only, or a mixture of the two, or need requirements mapping, and so on.