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Andreas Grabner

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Performance enthusiast Andreas Grabner has been a developer, tester, architect, and product evangelist for the past fifteen years for several testing and diagnostics companies including Segue, Borland, Compuware, and Dynatrace. Andreas now helps organizations find performance, scalability, and architectural problems in their applications. Speaking at meetups, user groups, and international conferences, he shares his knowledge and teaches others how to recognize and avoid the formerly-mentioned problems.

Session - Shift-Left: Continuous Performance Monitoring in your Delivery Pipeline

Aug 2, 11-12PM

How does Performance Engineering look like in a world where you get 12 builds per day and not 12 builds per year to load test? One approach is Continuous Performance Monitoring as part of your Delivery Pipeline. Monitoring tools that are normally used for production monitoring only have evolved to provide automated "Performance Signatures" for every build that makes it through the pipeline - seamlessly integrated into your existing load testing environments. The goal of Shift-Left is to give performance feedback faster to engineering. Fully automated! Integrated into your pipeline. This session will show you how this looks like for companies that have made that transition!

Session Preview