Amber Race

Amber Race

Amber Race

Twitter: @ambertests

LinkedIn: amber-race

Amber Race is a Senior SDET at Big Fish Games. She has over 15 years of testing experience at Big Fish and Microsoft, doing everything from manual application testing to tools development to writing automation frameworks for web services. Amber has worked on a wide variety of products and written automation in C#, C++, Python, and Java. She currently specializes in test automation and performance testing for high volume back-end services supporting iOS and Android games.

Session - Harnessing the Power of JMeter

Aug 1 12-1PM

If you have used JMeter for simple performance testing tasks, but want to learn more, this is the workshop for you! Unlock the power of JMeter by learning how to take full advantage of its capabilities. This workshop will cover:

* Advanced logic controller techniques

* Popular and useful plugins

* How to use Groovy scripting for tasks too complex for the JMeter UI

* Using data-driven testing in your JMeter script

* Setting up and running JMeter on remote servers

Learn to build scripts that more accurately reflect production load conditions so you can get the performance data you need!

Session Preview