Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar

Twitter: @manoj9788

LinkedIn: manojkumar

Blog: assertselenium

Session Preview

 Manoj Kumar is a Principal Test Automation Consultant and a Steering committee member of the Selenium Project. He has architected many automated testing solutions using tools in the Selenium ecosystem for both web and mobile apps. He is an open-source enthusiast and has contributed to different libraries such as Selenium, ngWebDriver, Serenity and Protractor. He is also the author of a Selenium blog AssertSelenium.

Session - From Call back's hell to using Async Await: Automated testing with JavaScript

Jan 09 10-10:55AM

Recent developments in the JavaScript world have turned attention toward adopting JavaScript for test automation, thus creating a full stack end-to-end framework based on JS.
In this is technical talk, Manoj aims to show case the ease in writing automated tests using Async/Await modules. A Primer on Getting started with Test automation with Protractor and WebdriverJs. This session will show all you need to get started with a JavaScript based Test Automation setup.

Manoj aims to cover the following:
1. Overview- JavaScript for testing
2. BDD in JavaScript
3. Selenium WebDriver - JavaScript
(a) Overview of Webdriver Js
(b) Sample project Setup with Mocha framework
(c) Usage of Async & Await
4. Angular Introduction and Protractor in Action
(a) Blocking Proxy
(b) Protractor with TypeScript
(c) Page Objects
(d) Usage of Async/Await