Corina Pip

Corina Pip

Twitter: @ImaLittleTester

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Corina is a senior test automation consultant, with focus on testing by means of Java, Selenium, TestNG, Spring, Maven, and other cool frameworks and tools. Her previous endeavors include working on navigation devices and in the online gaming industry. She loves automation and always tries to learn something new, improving her automation skills and spreading the knowledge to her peers. Apart from work, Corina is a testing blogger, an amateur photographer, and a GitHub contributor.

Session - Be productive in your automation with the Apache Commons helper libraries

Jan 09 10-10:55AM

We all have to write some bits of code that seem too complicated or that take too much of our time. We wish there was a way to just have that code out of the box, and use it without much hassle. Luckily, there is a collection out there, the Apache Commons project, that provides us helper classes and methods for all kinds of tasks, like:
- working with Strings (extracting substrings, checking whether other strings occur in a given String, splitting them)
- working with files and folders (creating, copying, moving or deleting them)
- generating random Strings of specified lengths and containing specified or random characters
- checking the OS the tests are running on
- and so many more
Join my talk, as i will present some of the most useful helper classes included in the Apache Commons libraries,together with some of their frequent uses.