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soapUI is a headless functional testing tool from SmartBear software. It comes in two flavors:

  • free open source version
  • pro version.

Two versions of soapUI

Since the free version is open-source, you can actually gain access to the full source code and modify as needed. The pro version is more user-friendly and has additional functionality including a form editor, an assertion wizard for XPath, and SQL query builder.  Also – the pro version is dirt cheap at just $349 per year. That's thousands of dollars less than HP’s Service Test! (You can try the soapUI Pro version out for yourself free of charge for 14 days.)

How to use soapUI Pro to test a web service

For this example, I'll be using the flight web service sample application that comes with HP Service Test 11.

  • First, start the sample application and get the WSDL endpoint.

  • Create a new project in soapUI. Enter:
  • From the Project tree view select the GetFlights operation and rename the request to getFlight
  • In the Form view enter:
    • DepartureCity = Frankfurt
    • ArrivalCity = Los Angeles

    • Right click on the ‘getFlights request and add to TestCase

    • Name the ‘TestSuite' HP_FLIGHTS
    • Name the ‘TestCase' Flights
    • For the Add Request to TestCase screen take the defaults and OK
    • From the Project tree view select the CreateFlightOrder operation and rename the request to createFlightOrder
    • In the Form view enter:
      • Class = First
      • CustomerName = Joe,Colantonio
      • DepartureDate = 1/31/2013
      • FlightNumber = leave blank for now
      • NumberOfTickets = 1

    • Right click on createFlightOrder and add to TestCase HP_FLIGHTS – Flights. Take defaults and OK
    • Click on the Flights TestCase

    • Under the Flights ‘Testcase' dbl click on CreateFlightOrder

    • Right click on the ‘FlightNumber' field and select the Get Data..-> GetFlights –> Property[Response]

    • For the get a ‘Missing property value, use default value instead? Click Yes
    • In the Select Xpath window select hp:FlightNumber

  • Add XPath Match Assertion

  • Select XPath icon

  • For expected value enter 112

  • Run the Flights test case

You should get a green bar that says finish and both test should have green status!

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