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Selenium WebDriver 2.48.0 now Available

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If you’re a Selenium test automation engineer, I’ve got good news for you. The newest version of Selenium WebDriver 2.48.0 & 2.48.2 has just been released (Oct 09).

This is the fourth new version of Selenium for 2015, and includes fixes for most of the Selenium Language bindings Java, C#, Ruby, and Python. (At the time of this post, Javascipt(node) is still at 2.47.1.)

Here is what's been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest versions:



  • ChromeDriver fix to work with Marionette/Wires
  • Fixed numerous Jetty issues .
  • Fix an error propagation bug when a command fails from bad inputs.
  • Screenshot code changes like the ability to retain scroll bars in required direction and prevent re-sizing if window is large enough.
  • Firefox sendkey issue with content editable elements resolved
  • Firefox resolution for events generated as a result of click on an element that disappears after the click..
  • HtmlUnit changes and fixes made to HtmlUnitMouse, HtmlUnitWebElement.getCssValue
  • Resolved IEDriver crashes in WaitUntilElementFocused() because of null pointer.
  • Standard compliant changes made to switchTo(), getLocation, getSize, findElements and timeout settings.
  • Grid changes, like adding the ability to run test using Buck, removing the -debug commandline parameter and adding edge icon.
  • Much, much more!



  • Added support for native events for Firefox version 31 (immediately previous ESR). Native event support has been discontinued for versions of Firefox later than 33. Synthetic events tested on Firefox versions 31 (immediately previous ESR), 38 (current ESR), and 40 (immediately previous release), and 41 (current release)
  • Refactored JSON deserialization for responses
  • Modified SwitchTo().Frame(string) to use client-side code instead of a
    direct wire protocol call.
  • Added support for the W3C Specification dialect of the JSON wire protocol
  • Added initial support for Mozilla's Marionette implementation of the
    Firefox driver.



  • Made sure that the UnhandledAlertErrors includes the alert text if provided by the driver.
  • Firefox support for Initial implementation of Mozilla's Wires Driver for Marionette; Supported in version 43 and higher
  • Edge fixes for  execution with Remote Server and Javascript Execution
  • Edge changes to Implement Alert Handling and  Implement Window Switching Ruby:
  • Initial implementation of W3C WebDriver syntax to support Mozilla Wires
  • Change to RSpec expect syntax * Specs can be run from relative directories



  • Update error pulling to match spec when we encounter a spec compliant browser.
  • Disable tests that are not working with Marionette when running Marionette tests
  • Add the ability to run python marionette tests
  • Python 3 compatibility for remote Authorization
  • changing casing of children finding tests


For More Selenium WebDriver Changes Info

To get the full change log info for each language make sure to check out the official change docs at:

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