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Selenium WebDriver 2.47.0 now Available

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If you're a Selenium test automation engineer, I've got good news for you. The newest version of Selenium WebDriver 2.47.0 & 2.47.1 has just been released (July 29). This is the third new version of Selenium for 2015, and includes fixes for most of the Selenium Language bindings Java, C#, Ruby, and Python. (At the time of this post, Javascipt(node) is still at 2.46.1.)

The biggest change with this release is that for the first time we are seeing support for Microsoft's new browser, “Edge” (Formally known as Spartan), beginning to be added.


What Selenium 2.47.0 Includes

Here is what's been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest 2.47.0 version:



  • It is now required that, at a minimum, you use Java 7, but Java 8 is highly recommended since Java 7 is now at end-of-life status.
  • A new beta Alet.AutheticationUsing api implementation has been added.
  • Webelement now has a TakesScreenshoot method.
  • Microsoft Edge browser language bindings have been added.
  • Microsoft Edge Grid support has been added.
  • A Firefox lock change
  • HtmlUnit driver issue with findElementByPath now works with XML pages.
  • HtmlUnit driver can now manipulate elements in a SVG document.
  • HtmlUnit driver deletAllCookies have been fixed.
  • Changes that allow WebDriverWait to switch frames has been added.
  • New ability to access local profiler logs
  • New fix to default the hub port to 4444 if no port was provided
  • Server issue with IE starting instead of Opera guard added
  • Much, much more!


  • Firefox version 31 native events are now supported.
  • Microsoft Edge browser language bindings have been added.
  • Support for authentication dialogs in the .NET bindings has been added.
  • ZipStorer library is now used instead of the Replaced DotNetZip library.
  • Cookie parsing error in .NET bindings issue has been resolved.
  • Support has been added to .NET bindings for HTTP-only cookies.
  • Dynamic assembly generation for .NET PageFactory for .NET 3.5 has been fixed.



  • Initial implementation for Microsoft Edge has been added.
  • Safari support for installing additional extensions due to architectural changes introduced with Safari 7 have been removed.



  • Support has been added for communicating with Spec compliant browsers.
  • Initial implementation for Microsoft Edge has been added.
  • Issue 818 has been fixed.

For More Selenium WebDriver Changes Info

To get the full change log info for each language, be sure to check out the official change docs at:

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