Selenium WebDriver 2.46.0 Released

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Good news for Selenium test automation engineers — the newest version of Selenium 2.46.0 was released. This is the second new version of Selenium for 2015 and included fixes for all the Selenium Language bindings Java, C#, Ruby, Python and JavaScript(node).

What Selenium 2.46.0 Includes
Here is what's been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest 2.46.0 versions:


  • Critical Selenium Server compile issue resolved.
  • HTMLUnitDriverUpdated
  • Weird Safari issue with Selenium randomly updating page fixed.
  • The ability to add custom annotations to the PageFactory added.
  • Beta Marionette driver added.
  • Firefoxdriver now supported on OpenBSD
  • Much, much more! Check out the full Selenium Java Changelog


  • The DriverService has been improved.
  • Firefox event support for newer versions added.
  • New PhantomJS commandline arguments added.
  • Many PageFactory improvements added.
  • Added FindsByAllAttribute to .NET PageFactory implementation. This allows the user to specify that an element must match the criteria of all of the FindsBy attributes a property or field is marked with in order to be found by the PageFactory.
  • Improvements to the ExecutJavaScript made.
  • Much, much more! Check out the full Selenium C# Changelog


  • Firefox 38 support added
  • httpd.js garbage collection performance issue fixed.
  • Chromedriver port race condition fixed
  • Retry binding to ports unavailable by EADDRNOTAVAIL (#394).
    Remove Presto-Opera support (Blink-based Opera still supported)
  • Fix aborted release


  • Firefox support added up to 38
  • BlackBerry browser support
  • Support for Presto-Opera removed
  • Firefox extension extraction fixes
  • PhantomJs process management fixes
  • Comparing remote web element for equality does not require a remote command
  • Issues Fixed: (gcode) 8493, 8521, 8498, 8274, 8497, 5923
  • Issues Fixed: (github) 401

For More Selenium WebDriver Changes Info
To get the full change log info for each language make sure to check out the official change docs at:

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