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Selenium WebDriver 2.45.0 Released

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Selenium WebDriver 2.45.0 now Available

Late last week the newest version of Selenium 2.45.0 was released. This is the first new version of Selenium for 2015 and included fixes for all the Selenium Language bindings Java, C#, Ruby, Python and JavaScript(node).

What Selenium 2.45.0 Includes
Here is what's been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest 2.45.0 versions:


  • The biggest change in this release is that Native events in Firefox relied on an API that Mozilla no longer provides.
  • This is cool àWhen Selenium is unable to interact with an element, such as the case when an element is missing or disabled, this change will output exactly how Selenium is attempting to locate the element, such as the XPath or id of the element. This is awesome because it greatly speeds up troubleshooting issues, as the exception message clearly states what element is broken/missing for common problems like an ElementNotFoundException.
  • Improvement made to ByCssSelector#toString
  • They removed the automatic installation of the SafariDriver in Java.
  • The PhantomJS driver has been upgraded
  • Pull HttpClient implementation details out of HttpCommandExecutor.
  • The issue 8254 was fixed: Extensions were incorrectly transferred between Windows client and Linux grid node, because ZipEntry had incorrect name with ‘\' as separators.'
  • Adding capabilities and browser type for Opera Blink, and configuring tests to run in Opera Blink.
  • Support for Blink-based Opera to Java binding added.
  • Yosemite platform support added.
  • Allow setting an arbitrary platform capability even if it can't be converted to Platform enum. Non-standard platform values can cause matching issues on Grid, but they can be usable for third-party Grid implementations.
  • Taking XML namespaces into account when searching by XPath. Checked to work in Firefox. Chrome supports namespaces out of the box. Need to update IE and Safari drivers to use the updated atom and test them carefully.


  • Removed automatic installation of SafariDriver extension for .NET.
  • Added initial implementation of .NET bindings OperaDriver.
  • Added option to not delete anonymous Firefox profile in .NET.
  • Introduced type safe option in InternetExplorerOptions to set the capability to disable check of mime type of the document when setting cookies.


  • Added ability to switchwindows when current window is closed
  • Added javascript_enabled to Android capabilities.


  • Firefox support up to 35, support for native events up to 34.
  • Make Opera driver support also the new Blink based Opera
  • WebElement docstring fixes added
  • Add debugger_address option to the ChromeDriver options list to optionally instruct ChromeDriver to wait for the target devtools instance to be started at a given host:ip
  • Set default value for PhantomJS process reference
  • Allow setting of FileDetector for send_keys
  • Pass info to TimeoutException in WebDriverWait
  • The following Issues were fixed: 8065, 8310, 8539


  • The task callbacks issue of dropping if the task was cancelled due to a previously uncaught error within the frame has been fixed.
  • The extending the chrome.Options API to cover all configuration options (e.g. mobile emulation and performance logging) documented on the ChromeDriver project site was fixed.
  • Starting with the 2.45.0 release, selenium-webdriver will support the last two stable minor releases for Node. For 2.45.0, this means Selenium will support Node 0.10.x and 0.12.x. Support for the intermediate, un-stable release (0.11.x) is “best-effort”. This policy will be re-evaluated once Node has a major version release (i.e. 1.0.0).

For More Selenium WebDriver Changes Info

To get the full change log info for each language make sure to check out the official change docs at:

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