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Selenium WebDriver Version 2.49.0 Released

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The bad news: Selenium 3 is still not released. The good news is that Selenium WebDriver Version 2.49.0 was just released for all the Selenium language bindings.

Here is some of what's been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest 2.49.0 versions:



  • The HTML suite test runner has been fixed
  • The textContent attribute for IE9 was updated.
  • A more descriptive error message when the browser may have died message occurs .
  • IE driver to fix clearing of <input type='number'> fields updated
  • TestNG updated
  • Windows 10 enum added.
  • HtmlUnitDriver supported added for innerHTML and textContent attributes
  • Resolved IEDriver crashes in WaitUntilElementFocused() because of null pointer.
  • Made FluentWait javadoc more informative.
  • Should now be able to send keys to a content editable div that is initially empty
  • Multiple Buck fixed
  • El Capitan (OS X 10.11) to Platform added
  • Treat a null response to getCookies as []
  • Restore a isNativeEventsEnabled check
  • Selenium server pass throughs for W3C dialect of alert / window / cookie commands added
  • Made BrowserLauncherFactory non-static, to avoid global configuration, for better testability and configurability (per object, not globally)
  • Multiple GridLauncher refactors
  • Marionette fixed and changes
  • JsonToBeanConverter tests fixed to avoid “error” key collision that has got new semantics in the standard
  • Multiple fixes



  • The .NET PageFactory was updatedto allow frame switching with located elements. Previously, if you located a `<frame>` or `<iframe>` element using the PageFactory attributes, you could not switch to it. This change allows one to use `driver.SwitchTo().Frame(element)` with the element found via the PageFactory
  • Workaround added for Windows 10 major version number encountered when executing via NUnit 3
  • Exposed session ID property on RemoteWebDriver. Users can now cast their driver instance to IHasSessionId to access the SessionId property, which returns a SessionId object. To use the SessionId object with external tools, simply call the ToString() method on the instance. Note that relying on the SessionId for anything is probably a Bad Thing, because it introduces a leak in the abstraction of a driver. Please do not use this property; its introduction is the Wrong Approach, but it's being exposed at the insistence of a selection of users.
  • Adding support for whitelisted-ips argument for Chrome and IE driver executables



  • Support added for SessionNotCreatedError.
  • Safari support for multiple concurrent drivers
  • PhantomJS Socket locking implemented
  • IE support for multiple concurrent drivers added
  • Chrome changes added to prevent 404 error, logging turned on by default and local storage capabilities added
  • Firefox support for setting the location of the Firefox binary to use when running locally. Also default of Homebrew Cask default directory added
  • W3C specification supported added for using with Remote Webdriver as well as window size, window position, element size, element postion, full screen window and page source commands implemented



  • Added Firefox service write to a file instead of PIPE
  • For Firefox on OSX added fallback to checking the homebrew install if the default  isn't found.
  • Firefox path variable for string placeholder added
  • Refactoring all the service classes to use a common one.
  • Firefox specific command added to switch context between Browser content and Browser chrome
  • Added logic to ensure you can close stream before attempting to close it
  • Cleanup  added to some error handling when sniffing what protocol you are speaking


  • Still at version 2.47.0


For More Selenium WebDriver Changes Info

To get the full change log info for each language make sure to check out the official change docs at:

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