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QTP11 IE9 Now Supported with Patch QTPWEB_00078

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patch update

My team has QTP scripts that we run against different configurations to confirm that our application works as expected.

One of the upcoming initiatives is to validate our product in IE9. I was happy to learn today that HP just released a patch
QTPWEB_00078) for testing web applications in Internet Explorer 9.

Patch QTPWEB_0078 includes support for working with Internet Explorer 9 on all operating systems that are supported by QuickTest Professional 11.

To download from HP: QTPWEB_00078
For an updated list of all patches available for QTP 11 check out the Patches section in my article:QTP 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

NOTE: Please read why I can't post patches on my site directly anymore

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  1. Hi,

    Can you suggest me how to identify the file download dialog which appears in the bottom for IE 9 browser using QTP 11. I have installed the web patch for IE9.


    1. Nithya » Hi Nithya – I’m still trying to find away to have QTP recognize this IE9 dialog. The best I can think of right now is to use a method like Device Replay. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    2. Hi Nithya,

      I just found the following info from HP:

      (Internet Explorer 9 and newer) The Download Notification Bar feature included on this version uses new controls, not supported by QuickTest Professional.

      Note: An enhancement request was submitted for scenario. See QCCR1J21554 using instructions on bottom of this document.


      Since the download notification bar is recognized as single WinObject object, and considering the buttons therein do not change their location despite of the browser size (except if its width is less than 329 on a 1280×1024 screen resolution)calculating the button location can help getting the necessary coordinates to fire a .click method.

      The following code is making use of the above said and is based on descripting programming:

      objWidth = WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0”).GetROProperty(“width”)
      savebtnY = 61
      savebtnX = objWidth – 100
      If objWidth < 329 Then Browser("creationtime:=0").FullScreen 'or rezise the browser window to show the appropriate coordinates are visible End if 'This will click the save dropdown button 'Browser("creationtime:=0").WinObject("nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND","regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND", "index:=0").Click savebtnX, savebtnY 'This will click the save button only Browser("creationtime:=0").WinObject("nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND","regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND", "index:=0").Click savebtnX- 20, savebtnY

      1. I need to do Save as. I clicked on save dropdown button
        but the opened window doesn’t recognized in run Time.
        How can I do Save as to download?

        1. Try this:
          ‘This will highlight the download bar to grab focus on it.

          Set DeviceReplay = CreateObject(“Mercury.DeviceReplay”)

          Browser(“creationtime:=0”).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0”).highlight

          ‘This will right-click the save button to put focus on it.

          Browser(“creationtime:=0”).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0”).Clickontext “Save”,,,,,true,micRightBtn,true

          ‘This will press the ‘down arrow’ then the ‘a’ key to activate the drop-down button and then activate the Save As command.

          DeviceReplay.PressKey 208 ‘Presses ‘down arrow’ key
          DeviceReplay.PressKey 30 ‘Presses ‘a’ key
          Set DeviceReplay = Nothing

          1. Hi Joe,
            The code is not working for me when i am trying to save a file using Download Bar.I am using UFT 11.5 with IE 10.0.
            Please help me out..

      2. Hello Joe,

        Thanks for all the help you are doing for people like us. I tried handling “Save” document after clicking on “Download” on IE9 but unfortunately the above script doesn’t work for me.
        The following error message I’m getting “Expected statement”at line “savebtnX =objWidth – 100”. any help would be highly appreciated


        1. Sandler » Hi Sandler – did you type in the code or copy it into QTP? When you copy it into QTP it sometimes does not work because there are hidden ASCII character that are entered. Try deleting the whole line and retype it.

  2. Hey Joe,

    Encountered an error on QTP11 tody. Sent you the message. How to send you the screenshots for the error?


  3. Hi Joe,

    This site is really helpfull for the people who are working on QTP.
    May I kow the Add-In to recognize flash objects with QTP.

    1. Nagesh » Hi Nagesh – thanks for checking out my blog! I’m glad you find it helpfull. QTP does not have a flash add-in that I’m aware of. I know that Adobe does have a Flex QTP add-in. For straight flash you might want to checkout instead. For more info on flex:

      Support for Adobe (Macromedia) Flex applications is handled by Adobe. Adobe has released Flex Builder 3.0; this release includes the QuickTest Professional Flex add-in. The add-in was developed using QuickTest Professional’s Test Extensibility Architecture functionality. The Flex add-in is developed and owned by Adobe.
      Hewlett Packard does not support the Adobe Flex add-in, therefore we strongly suggest contacting Adobe ( to see about availability, support details, and pricing.

      Adobe is providing the add-in via an automation package that is shipped with Flex Builder 3 Professional. Basic information on the automation package with QuickTest Professional integration is here:

      Users can download the automation package with QuickTest Professional integration here:

      A specific Adobe license is required and needs to be requested from Adobe. No specific Flex license is required on the QuickTest Professional side.

      Note: Support for the Flex add-in is being provided by Adobe. Customers/end-users need to contact the Adobe support organization for help with problems or questions related to the Flex add-in.


    1. ss » Hi as far as I know HP has not release a IE9 patch for QTP10. Only QTP11 with Patch QTPWEB_00078 support’s IE9. I think HP does this so you have to upgrade to the latest version.

  4. Hi Joe,

    Can you advise how we would track the progress of QCCR1J21554 please? I have logged into the HP support site and searched for this to no avail. I’m tryting to find out if there is an ETA for fixing this.


    1. MikeB » Hi Mike have your tried this:

      1. Navigate to
      2. Input desired ER number
      3. Click on “Find Enhancement Request”
      4. Select found document
      5. (Optional) Sign/Register your profile to receive updates regarding such ER ticket, by clicking “E-mail me when this enhancement request is updated or resolved”

      When I look it just says:
      Customer symptom

      QTP11 does not recognize IE9 Download Notification Bar; sees it as DirectUIHWND. The controls inside the navigation bar (SAVE/OPEN/CANCEL) are not recognized by QTP.

      Customer resolution

      Thank you for your response. We are planning to include this abilty in our next releases.

  5. Great Joe, that does indeed provide the info I was looking for. As this is not yet resolved by HP I have signed up for the email notification, so hopefully will be reolved soon. The workaround above does work, but I’m not so keen on coordinate based code!

      1. I work with QTP11, IE9 and i installs the petch.
        I also have aproblem with The Download Notification Bar and i do you know when will HP give a petch for reolved it?

        1. yael ro » The enhancement request for this is still open but it still does not provide a date when the enhancement will be available.

  6. Hi Joe,

    I have QTP 11 and IE 9. The problem is – Browser ().Navigation() function doesn’t work. Can QTPWEB_0078 patch help to solve this problem?
    I’ll appreciate any advises

    1. Brain » Hi Brian – I’m not sure – I don’t have a IE9 test machine setup yet so I can’t repro or verify this issue. If you are going to be testing IE9 you should install this patch anyway. Does using the following code work for you:

      Set IE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”)
      IE.Visible = true
      wait (1)
      IE.Navigate “”

      1. I need to do Save as in download notification bar . I clicked on save dropdown button by cordinates
        but the opened small window doesn’t recognized in run Time.
        How can I do Save as to download?

      2. I found out why Browser ().Navigation() did not work on QTP 11 – BHOManager Class add-on HP on IE9 was disabled. Once I enabled it – the problem was solved.

        1. Hi Brain,

          iam using IE-7 on QTP-11, even iam not able to navigate the IE to desired URL..can you please elobrate the way how to over come this issue by enabling the BHOManager class…


  7. Hi,

    I installed the patch but still the objects are not being recognized by QTP. Any resolution for this?


  8. Hi,

    I have installed QTPWEB_0078.EXE, “Internet Explorer has Stop Working” issue has been resolved. Still i face few issues capturing the object via Object Repository. Note few objects can be identified by Record and playback method.

    Kindly suggest a solution.

    Thank you,
    Hari Prakash K

  9. I’m unable to solve this…Please help.
    getting the following error message
    “The statement contains one or more invalid function arguments.”

  10. Line (7): “Browser(“Creationtime:=0”).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0″).Click savebtnX, savebtnY,micLeftBtn”.

    1. Sandler » Did you type this line or did you copy it from the post? Based on what you sent me you need to remove ,micLeftBtn”. So the line of code should be:

      Browser(“creationtime:=0″).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0″).Click savebtnX, savebtnY

      1. Thanks for your quick response Joe..I typed the entire thing and here is what I’m getting
        “Object doesn’t support this property or method: ‘Browser(…).WinObject’
        Line (8): “Browser(“creationtime:=0”).WinObject(“nativeclass:DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”index:=0″).Click savebtnX, savebtnY”.

        This is what I wrote
        objWidth=WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0”).GetROProperty(“width”)
        If objWidth<329 Then
        End If

        Browser("creationtime:=0").WinObject("nativeclass:DirectUIHWND","regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND","index:=0").Click savebtnX, savebtnY

        1. Joe in my previous post I realized there was typo mistake (I missed the nativeclass:=”)

          but when I tried with correct script it give me this error message

          “The statement contains one or more invalid function arguments.

          Line (8): “Browser(“Browser”).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”index:=0″).Click savebtnX, savebtnY”.”

  11. Please help
    “The statement contains one or more invalid function arguments.

    Line (8): “Browser(“Browser”).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”index:=0″).Click savebtnX, savebtnY”.”

    1. Sandler » Sorry – I don’t understand your issue. Didn’t you see my last response? Line 8 should look like this:

      Browser(“creationtime:=0″).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0″).Click savebtnX, savebtnY

      Why does your line of code have quotation marks around it and why is there a period in it – is that really what you have in QTP?

    1. Rose » Depends on what technology you are testing. In QTP go to help and click on the ‘Index’ tab. Search for Select Method and choose what environment you are testing against to see some examples of interacting with dropdowns. Are you having a specific issue?

  12. I am new to QTP. I know to record and enhance by inserting standard check points and parameterize. How can i use these skills to automate a website. How to approach to next level. I am in a situation where i need to automate a website asap.

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hi Joe,
    I have QTP11 and IE9 on 2 of my Windows 7 machines. I have installed the patch “QTPWEB_00078” on both. Now, when I run a batch with multiple test cases, it runs fine on one machine but on the other one, the system hangs after a couple of scripts. This generally occurs when QTP is opening a new script. I have to force a manual reboot to start the system. QTP freezes the windows 7 system completely. I checked for the issue online and some people have said that there is a problem with the QTPWEB_00078 patch. I don’t know if you have faced any such issue, but if you have then could you let me know if you found a solution. I have been struggling on this for days now. Thanks.

    1. Hello,
      I have the same problem.
      I use QTP 11 on Windows 7 and IE9. At first it was not working with IE9 then I installed the patch QTPWEB_00078 and it works fine when I run the script from QC.
      But since I installed this patch, when I want to perform any operation with QTP, windows 7 freezes completely.
      I didn’t try to install the hot fix yet cause I don’t have access to the support right now but did it solve your problem Khushal?
      Thank you.

  14. Hi Joe, thanks greatly for posting all the links to the patches. I m having a probem unzipping the IE9 patch QTPWEB_00078. I downloaded the zip file from the but when i unzip it with the 7Zip it fails with message ‘Data Error…File is Broken’. So as expeced when i try running the generated file it doe snot work. Can you check update the file if its corrupted? Thanks!

  15. Thank you sir,
    intially i too face the same object identifying problems. after installing qtpweb0078 is working fine.
    thank you verymuch………………

    Ramesh T

  16. I downloaded the patch for internet explorer 9 and QTP 11. After that how should I practice QTP. I have no idea. Kindly help me. Thank you.

  17. AFter downloading the patch for QTP 11 IE 9 . I still have a problem showing run time error. can you give in detail how to unzip and install it.
    Thank you

  18. Hello Joe,

    I’m french, sorry for my english. I begin to use QTP, 2 week ago. My configuration is QTP 11 + Win 7 + IE9. I install the patch QTPWEB_00078.EXE like you preconized.

    Do you know if HP have done a new patch to detect the DirectUIHWND button ?

    So, I saw your script behind :

    objWidth = WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0″).GetROProperty(“width”)
    savebtnY = 61
    savebtnX = objWidth – 100
    If objWidth < 329 Then
    Browser(“creationtime:=0″).FullScreen ‘or rezise the browser window to show the appropriate coordinates are visible
    End if

    ‘This will click the save dropdown button
    ‘Browser(“creationtime:=0″).WinObject(“nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND”,”regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND”, “index:=0″).Click savebtnX, savebtnY

  19. Hello Joe,

    Thanks for your answer :).

    I have another probleme with DirectUIHWND’s object.

    Sometimes, when I save a heavy’s XLS file, the downloading times is too long. I don’t know how I can wait the downloading times.

    However, I see the message in DirectUIHWND object but it is not accessible. I could analyse this string to detect the end of the downloading.

    I think this is an interesting point !

  20. I am Using IE9,Windows 7,QTP 11 Trial version:

    Nothing gets record. you gave some patch to install, if i got HP site, it says unauthorized. from your link, it says HP made me remove it………….Is there any way that trail version to run on IE 9?

  21. I’ve just written to HP, criticizing their stance about not allowing open access to this critical software patch. Without it, you cannot even get past the first few steps of the tutorial.

    I also told them they should have deal with you (Joe) in a friendlier manner, since in fact you’re maintaining a QTP enthusiast site which is beneficial to them.

    If I get a response I will post it here.

  22. we can automate IE9 download bar, using QTP11. I can share the code of all the operations in download bar. Let me know if anyone required.

      1. Hi Kiran,

        Did you get the code from Risha? Have you checked the code? Could you please share if you have the code.

        Sunil Kumar

    1. Hi Risha,
      Could you please share your code for clicking on save and save as button on download bar?

      Thanks In Advance.


  23. Hi Joe

    I am using QTP-11 with IE9. I have installed QTP_00078 but still QTP is not identifying some of the objects on the page. I tried on IE8 to check whether we have same issue there but it worked perfectly fine on IE8. I have applied all the changes mentioned like uncheck protected mode, UAC settings, registering IE9 in QTP, changing advanced settings in IE etc. but no luck. Please help me with this.



    1. Hi Nitin – does this help:
      (Internet Explorer 9 and newer) Some Web object (such as, ASPAjax or YUI) may not work correctly when using ‘IE9 standards’ document mode. To fix this, add the website to Internet Explorer 9’s Compatibility View settings or switch to another document mode (such as ‘IE7 standards’ or ‘IE8 standards’).

  24. Hi Joe,
    I am using Win 7 with IE 9 and QTP 11. After installing the QTPWEB_0078 patch my QTP crashes on startup screen.
    I installed the QTP and Patch with Admin access on my system.

    Can you please suggest any solution for the issue.

    Thanks in advance

  25. Hi

    I am using QTP 11 and ie9 browser when i am executing m scripts its selecting objects from combo box but while selecting submit button on that page its showing error message. It means the selected data was not saving to back end what to do to resolve this issue.

  26. Hi,

    how do i save the already opened IE page through QTP script? I am struggling last two days, any idea please suggest your inputs…

    Here is my QTP steps:

    1. Open in IE
    2. Save the google page (IE page) to my local drive.
    3. close the google ie window.

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