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About this Episode:

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the employment prospects of cybersecurity professionals? In this episode, Owanate Bestman, the founder of Bestman Solutions, will share his take on what you need to know to stay employable in troubled times. Discover areas of growth in security, what employers are looking for, and what skills you’ll need in 2020 and beyond. Listen up!

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About Owanate Bestman

Owanate Bestman

Owanate is the founder of Bestman Solutions, a search and selection firm dedicated to meeting the demand for cybersecurity skills. Owanate advises CISO’s and Heads of on market factors which could impact their headcount goals and designs bespoke solutions to address this. Firmly embedded in the cybersecurity space, he possesses a strong network of exceptional technical and non-technical security practitioners who have assisted leaders in meeting their business objectives.

Owanate has spent almost a decade recruiting in the Cyber Security field, securing individuals and teams which meet specific technical and/ or leadership requirements for some of the world’s most innovative firms, to the mutual benefit of individuals’ career progression and the needs of the company. Before this Owanate recruited Technology and Operational Risk specialists, during this period he was successful in staffing several high profile banking regulatory programs.

He founded Bestman Solutions in 2020.

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owanate bestman TestGuild_SecurityFeature