Switching from QE to Product Security with Dwayne Thomas

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About this Episode

Think of making the switch from your current role to cybersecurity? In this episode, Dwayne Thomas, a Cyber Security Consultant at Mentor$chip shares his journey from QE to Security. Discover how to enter the most in-demand field in the software industry and learn more about bug bounty programs, presenting security topics for Toastmasters, searching job sites, informational interviews, meet-ups, and obtaining a CISSP certificate and more. Listen up!

About Dwayne Thomas

Dwayne Thomas

Dwayne Thomas currently is a Cyber Security Consultant at Mentor$chip. He is a quick study, information security professional with over 3 years of information security under his belt. It helps that Dwayne's been in the software quality field for 8 years. Once upon a time, Dwayne taught middle school math in NYC. Slowly he's figuring out our tech equation and the little things each of us can do to simplify diversity in the tech industry.

Connect with Dwayne Thomas

LinkedIn: dwaynemthomas

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