Penetration Testing of Identity, Authentication & Authorization with Prasad Salvi

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About this Episode

Hackers are getting access to your sensitive data by exploiting web application vulnerabilities. Are you ready? In this episode, Prasad Salvi, author of the Pluralsight course Penetration Testing of Identity, Authentication and Authorization Mechanism, shares what you need to gain the ability to perform web application pen-testing. Listen in to discover what is identity management, penetration testing of identity, authentication, and authorization mechanism.

About Prasad Salvi

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Prasad is an Application Security Consultant, a certified ethical hacker and CISA certified professional with a primary focus on providing services across the Secure Development Life cycle, Application Security and Penetration Testing spectrum. He is a part-time bug bounty hunter. He is a blue team expert delivering security training courses to developers and testers to make them proficient in application security and develop secure products. He has worked with major financial institutions and vouched to create a culture of security.

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