Performance Pretzel Testing with Andrei Alexandr Danilov

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About this Episode:

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to leverage your BDD tests as a performance test? In this episode, Andrei Alexandr Danilov talks all about his open-source solution, Pretzel. Pretzel is a tool that helps you to reuse existing Functional Tests in popular frameworks like RestAssured to do Load and Performance Tests with Java. So listen up and discover how to reuse your existing Java functional tests to build powerful Load & Performance scripts.

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About Andrei Alexandr Danilov

Andrei Alexandr Danilov

Born and raised professionally in the Agile era, with a multi-industry experience: banking, real estate, telecom, insurance, internet security, marketing throughout a handful of platforms: backend, frontend, mobile, desktop, Andrei has always found himself challenging the state of the art of Software Development, classical QA and testing approaches, throughout the different activities he has engaged with: from manual to automation testing, handling product functional to non-functional requirements, execution to architecture of solutions, and leading QA departments and activities.

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