Performance Testing Fitness Functions with Lukasz Nowanski

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About this Episode

Are you looking for tips on how performance testing is done based on real-world examples? In this episode, Lukasz Nowanski Technical Team Lead at Poppulo shares his experience with finding performance bootnecks and more. Discover a unique approach to performance engineering, using architectural fitness functions that help build evolutionary architectures. Listen up!

About Lukasz Nowanski

lukasz Nowinski

Lukasz had been designing and developing software for over 18years. He started his career as a web developer with a strong focus on UI technologies, but in time his interests shifted towards backend technologies. At Dell/EMC Lukasz worked on Big Data projects designing solutions where the performance of real-time streaming applications was one of the key aspects that could determine the success or failure of the proposed solution. Over time his focus has shifted to building event-driven distributed systems within micro-services pattern and backed by RESTful APIs. Testing has always been at the heart of everything he does. In his opinion only highly skilled software engineers can only call themselves real professionals if they embrace testing as a must-have skill that helps develop reliable and maintainable software.

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