Gremlin Certification, Reliability Testing and Chaos Engineering with Darrell Dunn

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Darrell Dunn TestGuild DevOps Toolchain

About this DevOps Toolchain Episode:

Welcome to another episode of the DevOps Toolchain podcast! In today's episode, we have the pleasure of talking with Daryl Dunn from Gremlin about the exciting topics of Gremlin certification, reliability testing, and chaos engineering. Daryl is a senior solution tech at Gremlin and has extensive experience in the field of testing and automation. We dive into the world of chaos engineering and how it plays a crucial role in ensuring system resilience and observability in today's cloud-native environments. Daryl shares his insights on how chaos engineering is a controlled process that allows organizations to proactively test their systems' resilience and ability to recover from failures. We discuss the importance of incorporating chaos engineering into the DevOps toolchain to identify and address vulnerabilities before they become critical issues. Daryl also highlights the significance of observability and how it plays a crucial role in optimizing system performance and response time. Take advantage of this episode to upskill your career in one of the hottest testing topics. Join us as we explore the world of Gremlin certification, reliability testing, and chaos engineering with Daryl Dunn. Let's dive in!

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About Darrell Dunn

Darrell Dunn

Senior Solutions Architect @ Gremlin

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