Achieving Observability Goals with BugSnag with Eran Grabiner and Justin Collier

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About this DevOps Toolchain Episode:

In this insightful episode, Justin Collier, Sr. Director of Product Management, and Eran Grabiner, Director of Product Management at SmartBear, delve deep into the world of achieving observability goals with BugSnag. Justin and Eran share their passion for enhancing the end-user experience, emphasizing the pivotal role of observability in understanding and alleviating the issues end users face.

Listeners will gain insights into the importance of pinpointing specific errors and performance issues swiftly, an integral process for optimizing user experience and cost optimization. Discover how, with real-time data at their fingertips, developers and testers can focus on their core competencies, cut costs, and find fulfillment in their roles.

Join us for a journey that traverses the landscape of observability, testing, productivity, and business perspectives, offering listeners an awesome view of the intricate dance between technology and user experience.

Learn more about SmartBear’s developer-focused Observability solutions at

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About Eran Grabiner

Eran Grabiner

Eran Grabiner is the Director of Product Management at SmartBear, where he works on Observability initiatives. His journey with SmartBear began after the acquisition of his observability startup, Aspecto, where he served as CEO. With a background that includes diverse roles in cloud-focused startups,

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About Justin Collier

Justin Collier

Justin Collier , Sr. Director of Product Management, leads product teams to deliver significant value to SmartBear’s customers while also focusing on the design and execution of business strategy. Before becoming involved with SmartBear’s Developer Observability business, he led portions of SmartBear’s API Lifecycle business focused on API Functional, Security, Performance Testing, API Virtualization, and API Exploration.

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