Change Controlled Continuous Testing Pipeline on Cloud with Parasar Saha

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About this DevOps Toolchain Episode:

On this episode of DevOps Toolchain, host Joe Colantonio speaks with Parasar Saha, founder and CEO of Digy4 and an expert in quality engineering and DevOps. This episode delves into how to implement QA-driven change-controlled continuous testing pipelines on the cloud. Parasar explains Reshaping Testing Pipeline (QAOps), how to connect code changes and test cases in a test management system, change controlled testing pipeline, how organizations start, the fastest migration path to Cloud-based Testing, and more. Tune in to learn how to bring positive change to the ecosystem of quality engineering.

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About Parasar Saha

Parasar Saha

Parasar Saha is the Founder and CEO of Digy4, home of cloud first testing, building ecosystem of cloud-based products in QE. He has 21 years of experience in Quality Engineering with extensive knowledge in enterprise automation. Prior to founding Digy4, Parasar was the Head of Quality Engineering in global organizations like Air Canada, SOTI. He is also been a Global Evangelist and Speaker on QA Ops. He is the organizer of the Toronto Testing Meetup. second largest testing meetup community in Canada.

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